A Little Life Of Lovely - Introduction - Daughter Of A Life Of Lovely

A Little Life Of Lovely

Who am I? – A Little Life Of Lovely

Hello!  I am A Little Life Of Lovely and my mum is A Life Of Lovely (obviously).  I am in year 6  at the moment and I have S.A.Ts in 6 weeks!  I am super scared but in a maths practice test all together I got 68/110, 8 marks over the pass line. As well as, doing well in my grammar and spelling test ( not so well in my reading paper).

Life With My Friends

I have a huge variety of friends all of them really kind and unique in their own way.  They are all really supportive and help others when they are stuck or don’t understand what they are doing.  One of my friends is my Mum’s best friend’s daughter.  She lives almost next door to us, so we get to spend a lot of time together.  We have a similar taste in movies.


When I’m not at school, I love to sing and dance.  I love Hary Potter and am currently reading The Goblet Of Fire.  Emma Watson is my heroine.  I think she’s inspirational.  Her work that she does for charity and her promotions of women’s rights are amazing.