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Periods can be deeply unpleasant.  They can be messy, painful and sometimes they make us want to cry/scream/tear off other people’s heads.  Having been birthing the blood diamond since the early age of 11, I’m pretty well rehearsed in the whole period drama.  My fourteen-year-old also now regularly having her arts and crafts week at Panty Club.  What I’ve also found is that we’ve developed a synchronicity.  My youngest daughter turned 11 on Friday.  It’s only matter of time before she starts flying her red flag.  The males in our household are going to seriously consider moving into the garage once this has happened.  If the youngest joins us in synching up, it’s entirely possible that the pets might also run screaming for more serene surroundings.

Something that can make your period far more pleasant and something to look forward to is the Pink Parcel.  I received my first one about a week ago (right on cue, as it happens!).  I love the packaging at the presentation of this monthly subscription box.  Each month the parcel contains:

  • Tea – (because tea solves everything)
  • Tampons – (well-known brands – plus something new)
  • Pads – (all your favourite brands)
  • Something Sweet – to keep those PMS cravings at bay
  • Beauty Products – Pampering just helps, it really does

All you need to do is tell Pink Parcel your chosen sanitary/tampon brand, tell them your dates and sit back safe in the knowledge that those little angels at Pink Parcel have it covered.

The Bloody Truth

? The average blood loss in a period is between 2 tablespoons and half a cup ?

? Your menstrual cycle can span between 21 to 35 days ?

? Girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have throughout their lifetime ?

? Menstrual cramps can often feel like the early stages of labour ?

? Ironically, you will NOT be attacked by sharks because of your period if you swim in the ocean during your shark week ?

? In 1946, Walt Disney made a film called “The Story Of Menstruation” as an educational aid ?

? You can still get pregnant if you engage in intercourse during your period ?

?The average age a girl gets her period is 12 ?

Let’s bear in mind, whilst they can be unpleasant, let’s, not all start ovary acting.  They’re just periods; Period.

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