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Bubba Gump is a very important dog.  If you’re a regular reader, you’re bound to know I’m completely crazy about my dog.  She’s amazing, clever and has changed my life.  Her being in good health is crucial to her ability to work so I’m very mindful that she has a good quality dog food.


Gump regularly goes through phantom pregnancies and she lost a bit of weight during her last one.  She became a bit of a fussy eater and went from wolfing down her food to having a little nibble and wandering off.  This spurred me into looking into and trying different foods for her.

What I’ve Learned

Complete foods are the most popular type of dog food in the UK

The first ingredient listed in your dog’s food should be meat

Cheaper brands of dog food contain something called cellulose.  This can be sawdust or wood fibre

The quality, or lack thereof, can determine how often your dog poops

Dogs have around 75% of the same genetic makeup as humans, therefore their nutrition is equally as important as ours


Bubba Gump

Look at that gorgeous face!!  Wouldn’t her nutrition be crucial to you if she was yours?????

The Bottomless Bowl

It’s no secret that I’m pretty disorganised.  I’ve recently discovered this website that offers a subscription service called the Bottomless Bowl.  They deliver your chosen dog food/treats on a regular basis chosen by yourself.  This saves the hassle of having to drag yourself to the local pet food retailer to see if it’s in stock and lugging it back home.  I really like this service and they’ve found a new customer in me.


The lovely people at PetShop.co.uk delivered my a big bag with yummy things for Bubba Gump.  They chose Huntland Adult Scottish Loch Salmon Grain Free.  As soon as I opened the bag, there was a really strong meaty smell.  I’ve carefully read the ingredients and 50% of the ingredients is meat (or fish) and the other 50% is fruit/vegetables/botanicals.  0% grains or cereals.  Perfect.  Gump loves this dog food and laps it up the moment it’s served.


Along with the dog food, they also sent a pack of these Catch dog treats and some of these Purina Dentalife.  They do all sorts of pet feeds and treats.  I’d really recommend checking them out.

Thank you to petshop.co.uk for Gump’s food and treats.  Although these were sent to me as a gift, it hasn’t in any way swayed my opinion of the products sent or the service I received.

Lu Lovely


  • Reply August 7, 2017

    Alex Donnelly

    What a gorgeous pup! I’ve been dying for a dog for ages now, hoping that my partner eventually concedes!

  • Reply August 7, 2017


    A great article, we have a Westie who has gastro problems so he can only eat veterinary gastro food,which also means he can’t have dog treats (we do give him a bit of cheese every now and again though!)

  • Reply August 8, 2017

    Dash | Mode Lily

    Can’t believe they can put sawdust in dog’s food and get away with it! That sounds crazy and sad 🙁 Great post!

  • Reply October 6, 2017


    Aww! Bubba Gump is adorable! Having a dog has taught me to be as meticulous with their food as I am with mine. We had a small scare when we decide to feed my boy a cheaper brand dog food and I promise to never do it again. Now I am very alert to the ingredients of everything he digests

    • Reply October 9, 2017

      Lu @ALifeOfLovely

      Aww, your poor pooch. It’s crazy the stuff they can bung in a dog food.

  • Reply October 26, 2017

    Hayley Challinor

    I had no idea dogs had phantom pregnancies! I have a dog (male) so maybe why I have never encountered it!

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