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How To Be One Of The FEW?

I’m really excited to be an Official Blogger for FEW, which stands for Female Entrepreneurs Week!  Check out my lovely badge! Female Entrepreneur Week is…

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For The Father Who Has Everything

My father is a total nightmare to buy for.  He’s now retired and doesn’t wish for things.  There’s never anything he wants or needs….

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allotment feature image

The March Allotment

It’s been a really beautiful afternoon here in Somerset and I have been tinkering at my allotment.  I love March.  It signifies the beginnings…

A Good, Solid Fork – Gardening

Last week, we had our first visit to our allotment this year.  I’m always super excited about the planning of the crop rotations and what…

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idiot sheep shearing

The Idiots Guide To Shearing Sheep

If, like me, you’re relatively new to rearing sheep and shearing time is upon us, my advice is to get someone in.  Seriously!  The…

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The Artemis & Xena box

Artemis & Xena Artemis and Xena is a quarterly subscription box aimed at young women. “Taking care of our mental well-being can be difficult…