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Sophie – The Teenage Life Of Lovely


Hey there, fellow blog readers! My name’s Sophie, ‘A Teenage Life of Lovely’. As you can see from the title of this post, this is me, introducing myself to you and the rest of the online world. As you’ve probably already noticed, us girls, here in the crazy house, are working together as a little blogging family. I’m the slowest to introduce myself so far. Ironic, I’m slow at doing the important things yet fast at sports and typing, etc. Anyway, let’s get on to hearing about little teen me and my lovely life.

About Me

I’m Sophie. A fourteen-year-old, teenage blogger. I’m very chatty, not so much in person but more in my posts. I’m into sports and outdoor activities but having a fibreglass body brace makes it very hard to do things. I have the brace to help my spine grow straight and stop it from getting any worse. I was diagnosed with left thoracolumbar scoliosis about 2/3 years ago (scoliosis is the curvature of the spine). Having a brace means I have a lot of free time to do things like write blog posts and watch Netflix.