The Joys Of Agoraphobia – How To Survive Being Left At Home

how to agoraphobia

I am, once again, the only one home.  The children (along with my other half) have gone for a day out to Portland.  I’ve been there a few times and have always had an amazing time.  I love the coast, especially on a day like today.  The seagulls are calling, the sun is shining.  It’s that perfect balance of being warm enough to be comfortable without a jacket, but not so warm that every movement breaks you out into a sweat.  One of those beautiful days where you can feel the Summer coming and it spurs people to go and enjoy the outdoors.  This is, of course, providing they aren’t stuck at home with poxy agoraphobia.

Enter me.  A day where I have to find things to entertain myself.  Again.  Being left at home whilst your family is out on a day trip can leave agoraphobics feeling like a less worthwhile member of the family.  I find it really helps find productive things at home to make yourself feel like you have achieved things.

My day entails painting some wood in the garden, repotting plants and whipping up a roast dinner for anywhere between six to eleven people, complete with seven different varieties of vegetables.  I know how to live.  This is proper YOLO, flying by the seat of your pants living…

Helpful Tips To Pass Time

☎ Catch up with friends – Pick up the phone.  Skype and Facetime and brilliant for keeping in touch and feeling less alone ?

? Grow something.  I don’t mean mould or armpit hair.  A plant or a vegetable.  Watching something blossom that you’ve nurtured is a great mood booster ?

? Prepare a cook a nutritious meal for your family to come home to.  A home cooked meal is the bomb! ?

? Enjoy some “you” time.  Having an orgasm stimulates the release of endorphins oxytocin and dopamine which create a natural high ?

? Partake in a hobby.  There so so, so many to choose from, for example, playing a musical instrument, painting, drawing, knitting, crochet, whittling, metal stamping, scrapbooking, to name a few ✏

? Partake in some self-care; Give yourself a manicure or a facial ?

? Meditate or practise mindfulness.  Learning to be in the moment is invaluable.  The Headspace app is brilliant ?‍♀️

Kindle time!!!  I love any excuse to catch up on my latest book of choice.  Bury your head in the sand a book! ?

Remember, whilst you’re physically alone, you’re not really alone.  There are always people around to chat to.  Enjoy the quietness and some time to yourself.


  • Reply April 5, 2017

    Elizabeth Seal

    Your blog is so darling and pretty! I have suffered very badly from agoraphobia and been isolated at home at many stages of my life, but, even though I am able to go outside more these days, I enjoy blogging, meditation, gaming and baking at home most of all haha 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    • Reply April 7, 2017


      Hi, Elizabeth. It’s lovely to meet people that understand the difficulties of what we’re experiencing. The internet is a total lifesaver! Following you on Bloglovin 🙂

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