Top 10 Ideas For Winter Dating

Top 10 Winter Date Ideas

The Romance Of Winter

Do you find yourself stuck at home more this time of year?  Do you forsake venturing out for the lure of your comfy sofa and central heating?  People are often less sociable during the colder months.  No more summer barbeques or evenings walks.  No more hanging out at the beach or lounging by the pool.  Dating ideas can seem a little more challenging when the daylight hours are fewer and you’re dictated to more by adverse weather.

I find autumn and winter an ideal time for romance.  The different colours and beauty of autumn, the smells of winter, the fireworks in November, the festivities in December and the promise of what’s to come in January.


Ice Skating

Somerset House skating


I love ice skating.  I used to go all the time when I was younger (gotta love the John Nike!).  Skating along hand in hand with someone (it’s also a great place to meet people actually!).  There are lots of venues that host outdoor skating during the winter months.  There’s not much more romantic than the beauty of the open air ice rink at Somerset House in London.


Hot Tub

hot tub winter

For my birthday last winter, MrLovely and I went to stay somewhere that had a hot tub.  It was literally freezing outside but it was such a lovely weekend.  We spent every evening in the hot tub with a drink, some music and each other.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing when you’re ensconced in a hot tub filled with bubbles and looking up at the stars.


Bonfire Night & Fireworks


Guy Fawkes Night is a perfect date night idea.  Bundle up warm and head down to your local firework display.  There’s something infinitely romantic about fireworks.  Imagine standing around the fire, snuggling up close whilst you watch the overhead display.


Woodland Walk

autumn woods

Dates aren’t just for nighttime.  Taking a walk in the woods and noticing the different colours of the leaves, gathering pine cones and just simply being together.  This is my of my favourite ever things about autumn.  You can almost smell the change of seasons.  We often go for winter walks with the dogs.  It gives you a big sense of energy.  Perfect!


Baking Together

cake happy

Cake and romance.  Come on!  Are there many things that are better?  You don’t have to go out and spend money to enjoy being together.  Think Ghost but with cake mix and less floppy pots.


Antique Shop Browsing

antique shopping

I love browsing through antique shops.  Imagining who used to own the treasures and what their lives were like.  Sharing in treasure hunting is a lovely way to waste a day.  Seeing who can find the most interesting antique or inventing stories about who their owners were.


Christmas Light Hunting

house Christmas lights

There’s something magical about Christmas and seeing all the twinkling lights.  People are going to more and more effort each year these days.  Pack a flask of hot chocolate and a blanket and bundle yourselves up in the car.  Drive around your local area and check out the local lights.  Pop some Christmas songs on the stereo and pootle off for a drive around your area.


Christmas Markets

Christmas market

Whilst we’re on the Christmas theme, Christmas markets are a charming place to spend time as a couple.  Roasted chestnuts and wandering hand in hand finding the perfect gift for someone special.  MrLovely and I once went to the most beautiful Christmas market that was all lit by candlelight.  It was the perfect evening.


A Spa Break

spa date

Following Christmas, the new year is a brilliant time for new beginnings and to start healthy regimes.  It’s also a perfect time to take some time out to unwind.  A spa break is an ideal weekend away or even just a day out for you and your loved one.  You can also pick up great deals on Groupon for a bargain.


Winter Photography

robin red breast

If you have a great, all singing and dancing camera, lovely, but otherwise just pick up some disposable cameras.  Find a beautiful spot and go hunting for prospective photo opportunities and have a look through the photos together.  A friend of mine did this with her husband.  They took pictures of the same things but got totally different results.  She says it was lots of fun and an insight into how the other person views the World.


Looking For Love?

If you haven’t found the other half of your couple, have no fear.  The search is part of the fun.  Have a look at these sites.

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Wishing you a cosy and romantic winter.

Lu Lovely


  • Reply October 28, 2017


    There are some fab ideas on here. Love the one about taking a walk together and photographing what you see. My partner and I both love taking photos. I also love a hot tub when its cold. We once stayed at a place in the middle of the countryside, and saw so many stars it was lovely.

  • Reply October 28, 2017

    Katy Stevens

    We are going to be having a hot tub lodge at Centerparcs in a few weeks and I can’t wait!

  • Reply October 28, 2017


    These ideas are lovely, I would love to do any of them. I do like wrapping up and getting out in the winter

  • Reply October 28, 2017

    Michelle Ross

    There are some fantastic ideas here. I love winter, and winter dates 🙂

  • Reply October 28, 2017


    These are some fab suggestions, winter is my favourite month! Now all I need is a date haha!

  • Reply October 28, 2017


    Aw I love your ideas, I would love to do every single one of them! Hot tub and spa sounds great but we also love antique shops 🙂

  • Great list I love the winter photography idea

  • Reply October 29, 2017


    Great ideas! I’d add going to the museums – that’s obviously a fab way to spend time any season, but I find I particularly like doing it in the winter when you don’t need to worry about missing the sunshine hehe!

  • Reply October 29, 2017

    Alex Donnelly

    These ideas are getting me so excited for winter! The sun is shining here today so I am going to drag my boyfriend out for a big walk, not too sure he’s as keen as I am!

  • Reply October 29, 2017


    Love these ideas. Hot tubs and Christmas markets for me please 😊.

  • Reply October 29, 2017

    Jordan D'Amico

    Love these ideas! Never would have thought about antique shopping!

  • Reply October 29, 2017

    five little doves

    Ahh ice skating is such a romantic thing to do, especially out doors at Christmas markets!

  • Reply October 30, 2017

    Nicky A

    I love going round the Christmas markets with my friends but there is definitely a romantic feel to them, and I would love to go with my boyfriend at some point! Also a hot tub would never be a bad shout!

  • Reply October 30, 2017


    Aw such lovely dating ideas. I especially love the one with the hot tub and it being freezing around you that sounds amazing. We have never done that before. We actually need to book something soon as we have a free weekend for a little baby moon before our new baby arrives. xx

  • Aw, this is such a lovely post. We have three children so don’t get to go out for date nights very often – but recently we met for lunch in the middle of the day while all our children were at school/nursery and it was such a lovely treat. X

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