How Parents Can Become Their Own Bosses

How Parents Can Become Their Own Bosses

The strain that parents feel today is not anything new. Let’s not forget that over the past century, the lives of ordinary people have gotten staggeringly better. However, parents are still having to cut back and have long periods of time between experiencing a blissful moment with their families. Working all day and night professionally and then coming home to feed, clothe, bathe and take care of children, is too exhausting. The economy may have recovered since the crash in 2008, but wage growth is stagnant, yet more hours at work are demanded. A mother and father’s relationship simply turns into clocking on and off from the duty of looking after the children. They rarely have time for each other and even then, it’s mostly spent figuring out bills and taxes as well as getting some much-needed sleep. The main problem isn’t having children, it’s the work and life balance. Luckily in this day and age, it’s even easier to become your own boss. You don’t have to give your time to a company, you don’t need to take orders from anyone. All it takes is a leap of faith and some excellent planning.


Monetize What You Know

There will always be more people who don’t know what ins and outs of parenting. The majority of people don’t have kids and thus they may not understand what it’s like to take care of them. After being a parent for so long, you know things that not even the best parenting books in the world can teach someone. Experience doesn’t have a price, it’s not something you can pull off the shelf and buy at a store. It’s the real deal, coping with crying babies, trying to figure out what they want, understanding the calls and the body language. Knowing the logistical challenges such as transporting a buggy or pram, making packed lunches and taking them to a doctor when they have allergies. All of these things you know already, making your skills ripe to be monetized.

Your Takeover

With your skills and knowledge of parenting it’s only reasonable to begin your own parenting or rather daycare business. You become your own boss and work hours that are good for you. There’s no one to shout you down or breathe down your neck as the only people you have to answer to are your customers. A daycare business is one of the best examples of a business that can be started by anyone and if possible, it’s work from home or ‘remote’. Starting it from scratch is not easy but it’s not hard either. However, the costs will be a burden to you if you have a growing family of your own or perhaps you’re small right now but want kids in the future. Businesses that are going through some trouble, may choose not to totally collapse but to sell it off instead. Many childcare businesses are available to buy via the services of child care brokers. They have listings of all sorts of childcare businesses that are professional, some are small businesses and the condition they’re in varies. If you’re not ready to buy a business outright, and you’re still curious about how you will do if you did, you may want to buy a business on a contract. This means that you will have control of the business and use it as your own until the term of the contract comes to an end. Buying a business or rather going on contract, means that the businesses themselves already have the buildings, space, the equipment and pretty much everything you would need to begin taking care of many children.

Making Effective Changes

Okay, so you’ve bought a business, now what? Well, there’s a reason or many, for the collapse or exchange of the business. It’s a very good idea to talk to the seller. Ask them why they wanted to sell it, did they have money troubles? Was their business model flawed? Did they just want to change careers and start a different business but needed the money for it? Make sure you do all you can to get a clear answer as to why the business was sold.

It’s in your hands now, so even though there may have been problems, you have full control to rectify them. Wherever there are holes in the budget, you can either inject your own money, get a business loan, or just make cutbacks and slowly start up from the beginning again. If the building itself is in need of repair then it’s wise to not open the doors before you get these issues fixed. The same goes for the quality of the equipment or rather business items. These include pillows and duvets along with mats for sleeping and nap time, the kitchen fittings for storing and making food, the books and toys etc.

Make It Yours

Buying a business that failed comes with its own problems. No doubt at the time of sale, the business’ reputation was already known. Maybe parents just stopped using this daycare business because of the staff, the rules or just the general quality of care. No matter what it was, you don’t want that reputation to stick to you. Like a stink in the air, sometimes you just have to get away from it.

Hence, you should rename the daycare centre. The business itself has its own name, but the physical business i.e. the name above the building itself, will carry previous failures with it. Therefore making your own name is going to shrug some of that old stigma off your new reign.

Tensions can build in a household when both parents are away from each other throughout long periods of the day. You need to work together as a team so that money can keep coming in to pay the bills but the parenting duties are not entirely offloaded onto one person. What better way to change your lives than to become your own bosses? Making money from what you know is one of the best ways to start your own business. You’re already taking care of children, so why not take care of more but get paid to do so?

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