Lu Lovely – About Me

Hello! I’m Lu!

  A Life Of Lovely was born as a home for our words.  A place to share topics that myself and my daughters feel passionately about.  We occasionally have guest writers but this website is mostly my baby.

About Me

I’m 37 (which doesn’t overly please me, I expected to be far more grown up by this age) and I live in busy household in a small, rural town in Somerset with my partner (Mr Lovely) and our four children, three dogs, seven pigs, three sheep, two goats, two ducks, fourteen chickens, one turkey and my son’s kitten.

I’ve had quite an interesting career life (with a lot of time being a full-time mother).  I’m currently studying for a Level 5 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, which I’ll then go on to continue studying further.  I’m a great believer in the teachings of Hippocrates:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

I haven’t always been a country bumpkin.  I was actually born in London and I grew up in Sandhurst.  I’ve been in Somerset for the last eleven years and I can’t imagine ever wanting to be a city dweller again.  I sometimes miss being in close proximity to London but visiting doesn’t happen very often…

gump assistance dog photo

Eco Warrior

I have strong opinions on sustainability, environmental ethics, fair trade and the use of plastic, especially single-use plastic.  This is also a topic I will regularly talk about.

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