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Get Buzzing flapjacks

Get Buzzing! Get A Boost Of Energy

The very lovely people at GetBuzzing recently sent me a selection of their protein flapjacks to try.  As you know, I’m a fan of…

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agoraphobia cycling

Cycling Towards Happiness

Having agoraphobia, cycling is one of the few outdoor activities I can enjoy with my children.  I find walking pretty boring, I always have.  It’s…

Being Green

Animals & Smallholding

which dog food

What To Look For In A Dog Food

Bubba Gump is a very important dog.  If you’re a regular reader, you’re bound to know I’m completely crazy about my dog.  She’s amazing,…

open your eyes assistance dogs

Open Your Eyes To Assistance Dogs

During the last few weeks, I’ve had an alarming amount of people tell me that my dog isn’t allowed in their shop/on their premises….

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The Artemis & Xena box

Artemis & Xena Artemis and Xena is a quarterly subscription box aimed at young women. “Taking care of our mental well-being can be difficult…