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My September Favourites – 2017

September feels like it’s flown by.  No longer has it started, it’s gone.  My September favourites still include many of my August favourites.  I’m loving…

Health & Beauty

LoveLula Beauty Club

LoveLula Natural Beauty Club

The Natural Research Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and curating lists of brands and products that I…


agoraphobia cycling

Cycling Towards Happiness

Having agoraphobia, cycling is one of the few outdoor activities I can enjoy with my children.  I find walking pretty boring, I always have.  It’s…

Being Green

Animals & Smallholding

which dog food

What To Look For In A Dog Food

Bubba Gump is a very important dog.  If you’re a regular reader, you’re bound to know I’m completely crazy about my dog.  She’s amazing,…

Mental Health

teenagers need you

Our Teenagers Need You!

Our teenagers need you.  The Children’s Society’s Good Childhood Report 2017 uncovered alarming new findings.   Thousands of young people took part in the…

Home & Garden

Little Greene Review

Eco Friendly Paint – Why Pay More

Decorating can be so stressful.  Our living room was way overdue a fresh coat of paint and we’d decided to bite the bullet.  A…

The Tween & Teens

anime or manga

Which Is Better, Anime Or Manga?

Which is better? Anime or manga? They are both extremely entertaining to me and I value both just the same! Some may say that…