10 Modern Decor Trends To Consider This Season

10 Modern Decor Trends To Consider This Season

As you step into the new year, it is important to consider some modern decor trends for your home. If you are looking to update your living room or dining area, take this list of ten modern decor ideas into consideration. From different materials to colour schemes, there are many things that can be done to create a space that is not only sophisticated but stylish as well. 

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Here’s what you should know about popular modern home decor trends:

1. Purple

There has been an influx of purple decor available in stores since the Pantone Color of the Year was announced as Ultra Violet. This bold shade can make any room feel larger and brighter by drawing the eyes up towards the sky (or ceiling). Try using purple bedding or pillows to give your bedroom a fun pop of colour. If you don’t want to do a repaint yourself, it’s a good idea to call on the professionals, such as My House Painter.

2. Mixed Materials

Mixing different types of materials is a great way to create contrast in a space. It can be as easy as adding wood with metal or using natural stone tiles for the backsplash. To make this trend even further, try varying textures too, such as satin and velvet; smooth and rough; etc. Leather couches are still a classic to use as a centrepiece to pull everything together.

3. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are another way to create contrast in a space without using different materials. This trend is also versatile because the simplest geometric shapes can be arranged in multiple patterns (i.e., triangles, squares, etc.). You can use this decor style on pillows or wall art, like large-scale paintings and drawings.

4. Colourful Walls

Painting your walls with bright colours helps to open up the room and make it feel lighter, especially if you choose white furniture pieces that will reflect more light throughout the day. To give your home an extra splash of colour, try painting only one accent wall instead of covering all four with paint. When choosing which colour to paint your accent wall, think about which room you are placing it in. For example, painting a bedroom wall blue will have the opposite effect of painting an accent wall orange in your living room.

5. Textured Rug

Adding a rug to any space instantly makes it feel homier. Rugs come in many different materials and textures, though, so consider if you want something with a tight weave or loop pile, for example. One way to make rugs look modern is by choosing asymmetrical shapes instead of traditional rectangular ones. Having multiple rugs that are different sizes throughout your home can be a great way to pull together the overall design scheme of each area. Click here for info about cow-hide rugs which adds a stylish twist.

6. Sustainable

Guests may not notice sustainable design choices at first, but it is important that they are made nonetheless. Sustainable options like bamboo floors or concrete countertops make the decision not only unique but worthwhile because they save our planet’s resources rather than depleting them. Plus, they look really cool.

7. Minimalism

Minimalist design is growing in popularity for its simplicity. Rather than trying to decorate every wall or surface, try removing some of the clutter and let the room’s natural light shine through.

8. Earth Tones

If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate earth tones into your home, paint is a great place to start. Earthy colours such as green or blue can be used as accent walls or even as an entire colour scheme! Plus, they can really complement warm lighting.

9. Tabletop Decor

There are so many different ways to style the tabletop in your home now that it could fill up all ten modern trends on this list. From candles and greenery to terrariums and crystals, there isn’t anything you can’t do. If you need some inspiration for decorating tabletop surfaces, take a peek at the different features of your local stores.

10. Patterns

Patterns have been around for thousands of years, and they were recently given a big boost from Scandinavian design aesthetics. From zigzag patterns to animal prints, there is a pattern out there that will fit into any modern home decor style. I love patterns and have a bohemian bedroom. Just remember that pairing an obnoxiously large pattern with an overly bright colour scheme can be deadly, so choose wisely.

In Closing

Whether you are looking for a few new pieces of furniture or an entirely new floor plan, these ten modern decor trends should definitely be taken into consideration as you step into the new season. Creating your dream space can be difficult, but with a little research and inspiration, it is definitely possible.

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