3 DIY Window Decorations To Liven Up Your Home

3 DIY Window Decorations To Liven Up Your Home

It is not surprising if taking on a DIY project has ever crossed your mind, considering that 93% of people in the UK have had some experience with DIY projects around the home. One area to look at is your home’s windows and what you can do to enhance their overall appeal. Indeed, your windows don’t have to look drab and unexciting. You won’t regret infusing some much-needed creativity into your windows to liven up the home. That said, here are three DIY window decorations to try out. 

  • Decorative screen

little windows open in bigger windows

Sometimes all you need is a little privacy without feeling too cut-off from the world. This is where decorative screens come into the picture. Instead of picking up those pre-made ones from the local store, you can design one that suits your style, house theme and purpose. There is more fun in dedicating time to use a functional product you created yourself.

First, get plywood and cut out the frame into the dimensions of the specific windows you intend to design decorative screens for. When that is done, stretch a see-through fabric onto the plywood frame already cut out. Usually, lace or burlap fabrics make the best options because of the intricate designs they possess. Moreover, lace materials allow light through without creating total darkness in the room. You can either staple or nail them into place. However, for a more secured appearance and a stronger hold, you can use adhesives like sika ebt sealant.

  • Use as a flower mural

If you are a flower lover, this can be pretty exciting to do as you spice up the windows in your home. Whether you’re using natural or artificial flowers will depend on how much time you are willing to commit to their care. To get the look right, you may want to use window clings. It would be better to use DIY clings instead of pre-made ones. Sometimes, pre-made window clings have weaker holds. Therefore, you are better off using those you designed yourself because of the stronger hold you will likely focus on.

Furthermore, it would be good to make certain considerations when turning your window into a flower mural. For example, if you’re using natural flowers, it would be good to use those in-season because they are easier to manage. Moreover, the prevailing weather in a particular season can do most of the work for you. For example, if the flowers for your window mural are Pieris, daffodils, or black tulips, you can ensure that the winter season will not hinder their growth.

  • Hanging tin can valance

ivy round a beautiful window

Your hanging planters should not always be an item for the garden. With a little DIY, they can enhance the beauty of your windows. In some households around the country, kitchen windows are used for this type of decoration. You need tin cans, cords, spray paint, and a drilling machine. You have the option to decorate the tins with colourful fabric strips. These hanging tins can contain your herbs or become mini holders for your all-time favourite flowers.

These window decorations can range from the simplest décor to the most sophisticated. It depends on what you want to do and how much effort you can commit to maintenance.

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