5 Ways To Protect Your Personal Items From Mold

5 Ways To Protect Your Personal Items From Mold

If there’s anything you don’t want to find on your personal items, it’s mold. This unpleasant fungus can cause you to throw away or extensively clean your possessions to prevent contamination from spreading. Fortunately, you can prevent it with these five ways to protect your personal items from mold.

Dry Your Clothes Before Putting Them Away

One way to protect your clothes from growing mold is by ensuring they’re dry before putting them away in your closet. If your garments are still damp when you hang them in this space, you’ll give mold the perfect opportunity to grow.

If the clothes are still wet after going through a cycle in your dryer, hang them up in a well-ventilated area so that they can dry. Additionally, make sure your clothes are dry before putting them in a hamper. Otherwise, you’re giving mold another opportunity to grow.

Control the Humidity

Another way to protect your personal items from mold is by controlling the humidity levels in your home. You should try your best to keep them no higher than 50 percent with the help of an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Furthermore, you can purchase a moisture meter that’ll allow you to measure the humidity within your home.

Fix Your Leaks

You can also help prevent mold from spreading by checking your home for leaks and fixing them immediately. If these are in the walls, roof, or plumbing, they can give mold the right moisture to grow and reach items you care about.

Keep Areas Ventilated

Keeping your home ventilated can also help prevent mold from forming. If you have exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen, use them to circulate air whenever you do something that generates lots of moisture, such as showering or making dinner.

You also can prevent mold with a different type of ventilation for items you have in storage. If you store items in shrink wrap at home or in a storage facility, you can eliminate any worries about mold growing by using vents. A vent, which is one of the top three accessories you need when using shrink wrap, will eliminate any moisture by helping the wrap breathe.

Buy Mold-Killing Products

Investing in mold-killing products that you can use in your home is also worthwhile. For example, you can use certain household items, such as baking soda or vinegar, to help kill molds. By attacking the mold with these products, you’ll prevent it from spreading to other areas of your home.

These strategies can provide your home with a strong defense against mold. Not only will you feel more secure when it comes to your possessions, but you’ll also feel safer knowing that your family is living in a healthier environment.

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