6 Great Reasons to Start Playing Golf

If you have never played golf before now might be a fantastic time to start a new hobby. There are so many great reasons to start playing golf and here are just six of them.

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It Is Good for Your Health

Any exercise is good for your health but the wonderful thing about golf is that you can do it at your own pace. It’s not like playing football or racquetball where you have to keep up with the speed of the game. You can take your time if you want to, and this means that you can enjoy the game more. Golf is great for your health because it works your heart and helps the blood to flow around your body properly. It can also help you to increase your lung capacity and lose weight.

There Are No Age Limits

One of the fantastic things about playing golf is that there are no age limits. You can start playing as soon as you can walk, and some centennials enjoy a game of golf if they can still get around the course. Unlike other activities such as marathon running, there is no specific age a golfer needs to be, and they don’t need to have a particular level of fitness either. It can be a great game to take up as you get older if you still want to keep fit.

It Is Social

Golf is a fantastic way to get your buddies together and have a chat. Sure, you could do that in a bar or restaurant, but golf is healthier, and you are not likely to be overheard which means that no conversation topic is off-limits. Most golf courses have bars in their clubhouses anyway so you could always stop for a beer or two on the way home.

It Is Great for Business

Many a business deal has been done on the golf course so if you want to take your career to the next level, learning to play golf is an important thing to do. Not only does it allow you to network with people you might not get a chance to talk to otherwise, but your golfing partners are a captive audience as you are playing a round. This gives you a terrific opportunity to make a pitch. You can impress potential clients by taking them to a nice golf course and they are likely to relax more and be in the frame of mind to talk business or give you the inside scoop on a potential deal.

It Is a Good Way to Relax

Out on the golf course, nothing really bothers you. You can enjoy hearing the birds sing and coming across the occasional rabbit or deer. There is no noise from the outside world, and you can feel as if you are in your own little cocoon. Sure, you have to get back to reality after the game but at least it gives you a couple of hours to relax and not worry about everyday life.

You Get to Drive a Golf Cart

Golf carts always look as if they would be a lot of fun to drive. They might not have the power of a top sports car, but they are pretty good off-road. If you buy your own cart, you can even fit it with all the accessories you want from stores like Golf Cart Tire Supply. They are relatively simple to store too. Go on, you know you want to.

These are six good reasons to take up golf. Why not take up the game for yourself and see how many of these reasons you agree with?

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