Common Winter Hazards Homeowners Experience

Common Winter Hazards Homeowners Experience

In many locations, winter brings colder temperatures, ice, snow, and chilly winds. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with common winter hazards so that they can develop a disaster prevention strategy to manage them. This can help individuals address an issue before it causes damage. Ensure a safe household all winter by understanding the hazards below.

Burst Pipes

Your plumbing system requires extra attention during the winter. Frequently inspect the lines to check for frozen pipes for ruptures, cracks, and leaks, as ice decreases the overall integrity of the pipes.

A pipe burst can lead to incredibly costly water damage. That’s not something a homeowner wants to deal with at any season. Try these tips to help prevent frozen pipes during extremely cold temperatures.

  • Open bathroom and kitchen cabinets to allow warm air to circulate the pipes.
  • Set the thermostat to the same temperature day and night.
  • Don’t set the temperature any lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Leave the faucet trickling to keep water moving through the pipes.

Common Winter Hazards Homeowners Experience

House Fires

More home fires occur during the winter than in any other season. Power lines become compromised as homeowners use heating equipment, which can cause ice to build up. Winter storms, burning candles, and holiday decorations also increase the risk of a house fire.

Don’t leave your candles or space heaters unattended. Avoid allowing the space heaters to work overnight while you’re sleeping. Safely hang and remove your holiday decorations to further decrease risks.

Ice Dams

An ice dam forms when melted ice or snow runs underneath the roof’s snow piles. Unfortunately, ice dams are a reality for many homeowners. They affect a roof’s integrity and can permanently damage your shingles, drains, and gutters. Call a professional ice dam removal company immediately if you suspect an ice dam on your roof. The longer you allow the hazard to sit, the worse the damage could be.

Power Outages

Winter storms are a reality for many homeowners. They can dump several inches of snow on your property and bring strong winds and ice buildups. These strong storms can cause power outages that compromise a homeowner’s plumbing, heating, and means of communication.

Consider investing in a generator if you experience hazardous winter storms. They will keep your home functioning while electricians work to repair the damage.

Knowing these common winter hazards homeowners experience can help you prevent them. These reminders can mean the difference between damage and a secure home.

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