Eczema Treatment; 4 Options To Try

If you have been dealing with red, itchy, and flaky skin, you are quite well-versed with the curse of eczema. This is mostly seen in children but adults can develop this at any time. Eczema can really pull down your confidence and level of self-love. This disease is quite long-lasting and the symptoms tend to flare up from time to time. This can interfere with your life quite a lot and it is important to understand how to deal with it. Sadly, there is no cure for this ailment, but you can always try to manage your symptoms. Eczema can occur anywhere on the body but is most commonly seen on the face. Here are some treatments that you should try.

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If you have a really bad case of eczema, it is important to go and check with your dermatologist about various treatment options available to you. You will most probably be given some corticosteroids in the form of an ointment or a cream. You should be careful about using these since they can have some serious side effects such as extreme thinning of your skin. It has also been noted that whilst corticosteroids can improve the skin condition during use, patients can then suffer from Topical Steroid Withdrawal (tsw) when they stop. In addition, ointments that contain Elidel and Protopic can seriously affect your immune system. These can also potentially cause cancer which is why you should heed your dermatologist’s advice on the regularity of its use.

Manuka honey

If you want something that is more natural and does not have so many side effects that can make you fall ill, or worse, you should try alternative medicines. The best one to try is manuka honey since it has a ton of healing properties that can help deal with the inflammation and redness caused by eczema. This is best to use when your symptoms are moderate and not severe. You should continue using it on a regular basis if you want the best results.

Light therapy

This therapy has been coming up quite a lot since it has been the focus of many pieces of research for eczema. It is not that conventional but has really proven helpful for people who do not see any relief from topical treatments on their skin. Phototherapy is the simplest form of light therapy and it involves skin exposure to various and controlled amounts of natural sunlight. You can also try artificial forms of light therapy such as ultraviolet and even narrowband ultraviolet rays. This should be used along with medication in order to give the best effect on your skin.

Wet dressings

Wet dressings are the perfect intensive treatment that is needed for treating severe eczema. If you have severe atopic dermatitis, you should definitely try this effective method. This will include wrapping the affected area with wet bandages and topical corticosteroids so that they penetrate the skin more deeply. If you have some widespread lesions, this is best left in the hands of experts since it can be labor-intensive. It will also require a certain amount of nursing expertise. You can also ask your doctor to teach you how to do it at home.

It is important to learn how to manage these symptoms before they get inflamed or start getting worse. Use this list to help you find new sorts of therapies for your eczema.

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