How to Create Your Own Eco-Garden

How to Create Your Own Eco-Garden

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, you must always look for ways to create an eco-friendly outdoor space, as your choices will ultimately impact our planet. Find out how to create your own eco-garden below:

Make Your Own Natural Compost Heap

compost heap

Rather than buying soil ready-made from a store, you can alternatively make your own compost heap from food waste or other organic materials that can decompose. Doing so can add much-needed nutrients to the soil while preventing the produce from filling up landfills. The organic material you can use can include fruit, vegetables, lawn clippings, coffee grounds, eggshells, meal leftovers, dead leaves, and shredded paper. However, you must not add meat or dairy into the compost heap. You should also aim to keep the heap moist by adding water and aerating the pile by regularly turning it with a pitchfork.

Try to Conserve Water

Conserving water is a must-do when creating an eco-garden. For example, you should only water your garden with either a soaker hose or a drip line and avoid sprinklers that can double your water consumption. You can also gather rainwater using containers from somewhere like Clark Tanks, which you can use on your lawn, plants, and flowers. Eco-friendly gardeners should also consider shrinking the size of a large lawn, which will require much water to remain healthy.

Use Solar Power

Rather than using electricity to power your pond or water features, opt for solar power instead. For instance, if you want to add a decorative feature to your garden that will not impact the environment, you could opt for a solar powered water feature. This can ultimately power a feature using energy from the sun rather than your electricity. So, you can add a stunning decorative feature into your garden while helping to save the planet and money on your electricity bills.

Add Native Plants & Flowers

While exotic plants or flower might look beautiful, they will often require much more water, fertiliser, and maintenance. However, native species will thrive in your outdoor space, as they have naturally adapted to your climate and growing requirements. As a result, they will need less water, fertiliser, and maintenance.

Plant Trees in the Outdoors


Aim to improve the environment’s air quality by planting trees in your garden. Not only will they help to improve oxygen, but trees can also provide a habitat for wildlife while offering more shade in your outdoor space. Plus, they can make your garden appear more attractive and inviting.

Use Natural Herbicides to Effectively Kill Weeds

If your garden is rife with weeds, you might be tempted to pick up a bottle of store-bought weed killer, but this can harm the soil and, in turn, the planet. Instead, use a natural herbicide to kill unwanted weeds in your outdoor area. For instance, acetic acid at concentrate can kill 20% of weeds. Clove oil can also effectively burn weeds, while corn gluten can stop weeds from emerging in your garden.

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