How To Get Rid of Allergens in Your Bedroom

How To Get Rid of Allergens in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a safe haven. A sanctuary you can return to after a hectic day, a calming environment free from the noise and pollution of the cold outside world, a place where you can rest up and recharge in times of sickness and health.

But what if your bedroom becomes a place that’s actually doing you damage?

What if the very place you retreat to is bad for your health?

Luckily, there are ways to turn that pit of disruption into your snoozy nest again. Here’s how to clear the allergens from your bedroom:

1. Let those mites bite the dust

Or rather, let them stop biting any dust and hanging around in your bedroom! Dust mites may be the cause of fits of sneezing, late-night wheezing and difficulty breathing. They may be small – microscopic, in fact – but they can cause those of us with allergies an awful lot of grief.

To get rid of the little buggers, put some dust-mite-proof covers on your bedding; that includes your pillows, your duvet and your mattress. On a weekly basis, wash all your sheets and so on in water that’s at least 130 °F. And make sure to use a nice ‘n’ hot tumble dryer to dry them out instead of just hanging them on the washing line. Worse for the environment, perhaps, but better for your health!

2. Spring clean regularly

If you’ve got as many allergies as I do, you can’t afford to leave the spring clean until spring…or even until a fortnight later. Really, you should be vacuuming your room at least once a week to get rid of those pesky dust mites (who just love to snuggle in the carpet!) Make sure you wear a dust mask while you do so.

If that seems like too much hassle, you could always replace your carpet with hardwood floors or linoleum. More effort in the beginning, perhaps, but you’ll reap the benefits for a long time afterwards. And you can still warm up your floors with colourful (and washable) rugs. Win-win!

vacuum cleaner

3. Try a lighter dressing

Nope, I’m not talking about an alternative to salad cream. I’m talking about window dressing! The days of heavy drapes and dust-attracting blinds should be out, as far as you’re concerned. Instead, switch to light and washable curtains.

If you need to block all that light out, roller shades are a good alternative or just wear an eye mask. A simple, cheap and portable way to help you get some proper shut-eye, wherever you are! Pssst.. If you’re after a few more sleep tactics then make sure you give the Sleep Advisor quick browse as well. You won’t regret it.

Once you’ve dressed your windows accordingly, keep them in the best shape possible. Wipe the frames and glass regularly to keep mould or mildew at bay, and your lungs happier as a result.

4. Don’t be a hoarder

This can be a hard one for many of us to follow. But really, those piles of junior school photos under your bed or letters from that boy you kissed at camp when you were 12 aren’t doing your allergies any good! (Nor is your collection of porcelain turtles. It’s probably not doing your social life any favours, either).


By decluttering your room, you can start to breath more easily. Start by clearing those knick-knacks and book collections from your shelves and “treasures” from beneath your bed. Then keep everything as minimalist as possible. Because while you might love that afghan rug and a bed full of fuzzy throw pillows, your allergies won’t thank you for your interior design enthusiasm.

5. Keep your pets outside

I know, I know…this might be another difficult one for you. But as much as many of us love having our furry friends in our rooms – and even our beds – they may be disrupting our sleep patterns. Particularly for those of us with allergies, as the presence of our pets can mess up our waking hours, too.

So ignore those puppy dog eyes and let Pooch sleep in the living room. At least you’ll be in better form to talk him on a big walk the next day!

Hopefully, these 5 simple tips can help you kick those allergens firmly to the curb outside. Away from your bedroom and the great night’s sleep that you deserve. That way, you can sleep better, breathe easier and live a happy and healthier life. So what’re you waiting for? Get clearing those allergens from your life!

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