How To Have a Good Garden Despite Allergies

How To Have a Good Garden Despite Allergies

Everyone should have the chance to have a garden they can be proud of. However, allergies can make that difficult for some people, as growing and caring for plants can be problematic if you have allergies. But you can still have a good garden despite your allergies if you use these methods.

Garden After Rain

After rainfall clears up, the pollen and other allergens that normally plague people die down, and you have a few precious hours where you can garden without fear. Now, you should be careful as rainwater can cause mud and other dangerous spots in your garden, but it can be a great opportunity.

Avoid Allergy Causing Plants

A lot of common garden plants have horrible pollen and can set off allergies. Avoid incorporating these plants into your garden to make sure you stay safe. Some common plants would include Bermuda grass, ragweed, oak trees, and birch trees. But you should learn some of the safest trees to plant in your garden.

Wear a Mask

Before you go out to take care of your garden, you should include a mask in your gear so that you can stay safe. A good mask can help keep out most of the allergens that might otherwise affect you while gardening. A good gardening mask means you can work on your garden with hardly any challenges at all.

Clean Yourself After Gardening

You’ll likely pick up a lot of allergens and pollen while outside. This can be a huge issue later if you don’t take the time to clean yourself. Prepare a place to put your clothes so that the pollen doesn’t spread around, and wash up as soon as you can after you finish gardening. This is a key part of having a garden while also having allergies.

If you follow these steps closely and make sure you take extra precautions when gardening, you can have a beautiful garden even with allergies. While it might take more effort, and you can’t use every plant you may want, it’s still possible to make a garden that you’re proud of.

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