How to Keep the Kids Active and Having Fun This Summer

How to Keep the Kids Active and Having Fun This Summer

The summer holidays can sometimes feel endless, and finding ways to keep the kids active and occupied during the long break can be challenging. For many parents, attempting to ensure the kids stay active and don’t spend the entire summer holidays in their room playing video games or scrolling through their phones can be difficult. Encouraging the kids, especially teens and tweens, to come out of their bedrooms and outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air is so important, even though it is not an easy task. If, like many parents, you are concerned your kids will have too much screentime and not spend enough time outside this summer, then planning some activities is a great idea. Organising plenty of things to do with the kids is a great way to keep them busy and minimise their time glued to their phones. To make this a little easier, here are some ideas to help you ensure your kids have an action-packed summer that is full of fun:

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Arrange Meet-Ups

Scheduling meet-ups with other parents with kids of the same ages is an excellent way to keep them socializing with their friends and getting outside this summer. Arranging playdates at the park or a local attraction will keep things fun. Alternatively, you could invite your child’s friends over to your house. Simply get out all the garden play equipment and make some picnic food, and they will be able to spend hours happily playing in the sunshine without a screen in sight. The best thing about this idea is that you do not need to spend much to organise it, and the kids will enjoy a full day of fresh air with minimal effort.

Book an Activity Holiday

If you need to work over the holidays and are concerned that the kids will be sitting around doing nothing throughout the day, then an activity holiday is an excellent choice. There are adventure holidays available for kids to enjoy across the country, offering them an exciting and fun-filled way to spend the long summer break. Action and adventure breaks for kids provide them with so many benefits and are likely to be the highlight of their summer holidays. Trying a range of different physical activities while also making lots of new friends is a perfect combination of fun for kids to enjoy this summer. 

Make it a Family Activity

Getting the entire family involved in a new activity is an excellent way to encourage the kids to get outside. Trying new activities together as a family will make it more likely that the kids will want to join in and enables you to gain more quality family time spent together without distractions. There are many ways to encourage the entire family to get together and get active over the summer months. From organising a weekly swim at the local pool to scheduling a bike ride together every Sunday, planning some active fun will ensure everyone gets involved with the family fun.

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