Saving Money On Caring For Your Family Pet

Getting a family pet is a big deal; now you’ve got another mouth to feed in the family, but you’ve also got a furry little animal companion who loves you more than anyone else in the world! And pets are great for the kids too, considering the amount of love and patience and responsibility they can teach them. 

But pets are still expensive to look after, even if you’ve just got a tank full of fish! And dealing with these costs is always a bit tricky, which is why this post is here. Read on below for some of the best ways to save money on caring for your family pet. 

woman with a pet rabbit

Be Proactive with Preventative Care

The more you exercise your pet, and the more you use flea and worming treatments, the less time you’ll have to spend down the vet. And when you don’t need to go to the vet, you don’t need to pay their bills! 

Similarly, if you pet-proof the house ahead of time, you won’t be spending hundreds on new furniture or wallpaper either. Both cats and dogs, as well rabbits and guinea pigs, can chew up a storm in your living room, so case off soft furniture, keep claws clipped, and put some sofa and floor covers down. 

Buy Food in Bulk

After thoroughly researching the various food types available, through speaking to experts and reading reviews like these Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Reviews, buying food in bulk is a great idea, as it saves you money on your next shop. Why? Because it prevents you from having to do that next shop! You buy 2 or 3 times the amount you need now when prices are low and the stock is high, and save yourself pennies at the end of the year.

Indeed, many shops like Dobby’s Pet and Animal Feeds turn out offers on a regular basis that will appeal to bulk buyers. Maybe you have to buy a certain number of cans or packets to get money off, or maybe you have to shop online or in-store specifically to take advantage of the offer. Either way, keep your eye on how pet supply stores tend to draw people in; sign up to mailing lists, and check every so often off of your own back. 

DIY Pet Toys and Beds

Finally, you don’t need to spend boatloads on new toys and a soft bed for your beloved pet – you can make these at home yourself! Cats will love having a foil ball to play with, or a scrunched up bit of paper, and your dog will love finding their treats underneath bowls that come straight out of your kitchen cupboard. 

And if you’ve got some spare blankets, you can make a pet bed in a simple few minutes – make sure you’ve got a lipped container of some kind for the furnishings to go in, but otherwise, you’re all set! 

If your family pet care is getting expensive, cut back in these areas. You don’t have to spend hundreds on your pets each month, so save that money for emergencies!

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