Shamanic Healing: How it Works and What it Can Do for You

Shamanic Healing: How it Works and What it Can Do for You

Many cultures and societies have used Shamanism throughout history, but shamanic healing practices aren’t exactly mainstream these days. If you’re unfamiliar with shamanic healing and how to use this healing technique to help yourself and others recover from physical or emotional ailments, not to worry because we will touch on these and point you in the direction of its benefits and purpose.

A Sneak peek of Shamanism

Sharmaniac practitioner

Shamans are spiritual healers who use their connection to the spirit world to heal others. While Shamanism is practiced in various cultures around the globe, it is most common in Northern Asia and Central America.

Shamans believe that all things (including people) have a physical body, energy or spirit, and a soul. When these three parts are balanced, people are healthy and happy; if they become unbalanced, they may experience sickness or injury.

A shaman uses music, dance, meditation, prayers, and other healing techniques to restore balance to a person’s life force. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Shamanism transcends healing illnesses of the physical body. Shamans also help individuals with mental health problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. They do so by addressing the underlying energetically causes of these conditions.

The goal of shamanic healing is always wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.

The Purpose of Shamanism: shamanic healing for the modern world

What is common to all forms of Shamanism is a belief that there are two realities – one seen or experienced by everyone and the other unseen or experienced only by shamans. It also includes a belief in a spiritual force that can be either malevolent or benevolent.

The primary objective of the shaman’s practice is to heal those who suffer from mental, physical, or emotional ailments. There have been many accounts of people healed from life-threatening illnesses through this ancient technique.

Shamans believe their purpose on earth is to serve their community, which includes healing any sick person that comes before them. They feel an obligation to use their skills, knowledge, and wisdom to help those in need.

They also consider themselves as earth keepers, using their healing tools to bring the earth into balance.

The process of shamanic healing

The root of shamanic healing is based on traditional beliefs about spirituality, health, and balance. Shamans traditionally have undergone training to become healers and work with clients to identify what is the root cause of physical, mental or spiritual disease.

A shaman enters into a trance-like state called a journey to commune with spirit beings or animal spirits that may help them understand the cause of illness or imbalance. It’s important to note that while some shamans work within specific religions, they do not necessarily subscribe to one religion exclusively.

Shamanistic practices involve going on a spiritual journey and performing rituals to communicate with spirits. Interestingly, some shamanistic traditions/routines can include drumming, chanting, prayer, or fasting.

How to Find a Shamanic practitioner

Currently, there are no regulations requiring shamanic practitioners to be licensed.

But some institutions offer extensive and trustworthy training programs in Shamanic practices:

The following are the most reputable centers for Shamanic Studies:

  • The Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo.
  • The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by Michael Harner.

As it is critical to find a qualified shamanic healer, always look for practitioners who have undertaken trainings and are certified by one of the aboveschools of Shamanism

LuminousQuest: Shamanic Practices for Deep Healing and Transformation

LuminousQuest is a Shamanic Healing practice founded by Kostas Charalampopoulos.

Kostas is a practicing shaman, passionate about sharing the shamanic techniques that will help you release negative emotions, overcome trauma and connect to your True Self.

Kostas is trained and certified by The Four Winds, so you can rest assured that he will create and hold space of safety and acceptance.

He focuses on finding the root causes of physical, emotional and spiritual disorders and bring you back into balance. His sessions manage to be soothing, heart-opening and he will guide you to tap into your truth and potential.

Remote shamanic healing sessions allow you to experience the beauty of shamanic practices from the comfort of your own home or office.

What are the benefits of shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is a traditional practice that has been around for thousands of years. Today, it is undergoing a resurgence in the Western world, and more people than ever are seeking out this form of healing.

There are many reasons why someone might seek out shamanic healing. It can offer relief from physical pain and psychological trauma. It can be used as an alternative to mainstream medicine for certain chronic conditions.

One’s spirituality can also play a part in their decision to undergo spiritual work with a healer. For example, suppose someone has lost a loved one or has been struggling to come to terms with being diagnosed with life-threatening disease. In that case, one may turn to Shamanism for comfort and guidance on how to deal with their situation.

In most cases, shamanic healers will meet privately with those who come into contact with them; however, there are certain instances where they will do group sessions so that more than one person can benefit from this treatment at once.

We Are Rounding Off

The word shaman derives from a Siberian word meaning one who sees. Shamans use their connection to nature and intuition to connect with other dimensions and sources of information.

A shaman’s primary responsibility is to commune with nature spirits and natural phenomena such as weather and animals, which they do by entering into an altered state of consciousness.

LuminousQuest offers shamanic sessions remotely that will guide you across your healing journey to regaining yourself and life.

The process of shamanic healing can help people identify what they need and provide them with tools to take control of their life. The purpose of Shamanism isn’t just to heal people on an individual basis; it’s also to provide healing on a larger scale and to promote peace, harmony, and balance in the world at large.

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