The Dreaded Yearly Clean Out

The Dreaded Yearly Clean Out

We’re calling it the dreaded yearly clean out because that’s truly what it is. Every year, maybe even less, your home really does deserve that deep clean to keep it nice and fresh. But when going through the process of deep cleaning and clearing out, you’ll find some things that you didn’t even know you owned anymore. Plus, you’re definitely going to be a little disgusted with yourself. You will definitely call yourself a little bit of a hoarder by the end of it. However, all that’s needed for a clean out is one weekend of your time.  Even less if you dedicate enough time to it. After that, your house will be transformed, and ready for you to clutter up again until the next clean out occurs. If you know your time has come, here are some vital parts of the cleanup operation that you need to meet.


Deciding What Has To Go

This is the part that people struggle with the most, and this is the time where most people realise they’re the biggest hoarder in the world. There’s just going to be so much rubbish piled up around your home, and so many old pieces that just need to go. For this part, you might want to check out links such as It’s a company who will take the hard part of clearing your rubbish out the way for you, so all that is left to do will be to focus on the things that actually need to go.

One thing you might not want to consider, purely because it’s so expensive to replace, is your sofa set. After a few years of wear and tear, you will have to bite the bullet and buy a new set. However, at least you know that when the new set arrives, you’re going to have a  fresh new living room, rather than one that feels a little old and rubbish. The other thing people find hard to let go is things such as household items like photo frames, electronics etc. If they aren’t used, they have to go, the space you could free up will be so much better.

You Can’t Forget The Deep Clean

People always forget the deep clean. Or, they might not forget it, but they definitely do avoid it. With the deep clean, you literally need to make sure you’re getting everywhere. Here is a quick guide to deep cleaning your home, just to help you out. But the main two rooms that you need to be thinking about, is the bathroom and the kitchen.

Wardrobe Nightmares

Us women are going to struggle with this part the most. The wardrobe is the main place for hoarding, so you’re going to have to be ruthless with yourself. Anything that you haven’t worn in the last 3 months, recycle, better still, take it to a charity shop. Soon, you’ll notice your wardrobe getting smaller and smaller, but that only means it’s going to be ready to fill up again. You can then start a little shopping list of the new items that you need, but don’t go too overboard!

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