The Ultimate Guide To Renovating Your First Home

The Ultimate Guide To Renovating Your First Home

If you are in the process of buying your first home, then you have probably realised that it might be necessary for you to purchase a fixer-upper to truly create the home you were really after. That said, renovating your first home needn’t be a daunting task. Here is the ultimate guide!

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Stick To A Budget

As this is your first home, you will have likely spent the majority or all of your life savings on purchasing this property. Therefore, you and your partner must stick to a tight budget when renovating your first home. Work out your earnings and what you can afford to spend a month on your new home and then stick to it. If you get carried away and start overspending, then you will soon find yourself in financial trouble. 

Budgeting is made easy with software like Microsoft Excel, so get your laptop out and start working out how much you can actually afford to spend. It’s always best to overestimate the cost of renovating as home improvement projects can often work out far more expensive than initially anticipated. Whatever you do, though – just be sure to shop around for good value.

Get Creative

If the initial renovation ideas you had in mind are pricing up rather expensively, then get creative to realise your dream home. Consider a cladding business like Bliby Plastics for your home improvement needs if you plan to reimagine the exterior of your home. External cladding can really transform a property and massively boost a property’s curb appeal. 

So, if you and your partner aren’t fans of your new home’s traditional brickwork, then opt for a more modern and stylish cladding to transform your home from top to bottom. Cladding could also help to better protect the original structure of your home, adding to its longevity and reducing your concerns. 

Equally, if a new kitchen is looking more expensive than you first thought, then you could upcycle your kitchen cabinets to create a brand-new look for one of the key rooms in your home. The process simply involves spray painting your existing cabinets and change the nobs and handles to create an entirely new look that you and your young family can be proud of.

Don’t Rush It

Sometimes when you move into a new home, there can be a temptation to turn it upside down and redecorate every room and soon as you arrive. However, it makes much more sense not to rush your home renovation, especially if it’s your first one. Renovating and designing your own home is a very enjoyable – albeit stressful – experience, so take things slowly to allow you to enjoy the process. 

Equally, not rushing things will also allow you to thoroughly research each home improvement, making sure you don’t overspend along the way. As the months and years go by, you’ll also be able to seek inspiration from others on how best to renovate your home. So, don’t rush through the process of doing up your first home and you’ll have a better one as a result.

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