We Love The Planet Deodorants

We Love The Planet Deodorants


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I was recently talking about my new deodorants from We LoveThe Planet.

We Love The Planet deodorants

We Love The Planet is a brand from the Netherlands that was founded in 2016 by a trio of ladies.  They believe we should know what goes into our products and its origins.

LoveLula are now stocking the full range of their deodorants.  The range consists of 6 different scents suitable for both men and women.  The ones I chose are packaged in a recyclable or compostable cardboard tube and they contain 65g.  They also come in tins containing 48g.  These deodorants are a great choice when you want a good product that’s also kind to the environment.  They contain only natural ingredients which are certified organic.

We Love The Planet deodorant ingredients

I thought I’d choose a couple of them and give them a whirl.


Mighty Mint

we love the planet mighty mint

As the name would suggest, this deodorant smells of mint (yep…).  I choose a minty scented deodorant for myself (Mighty Mint) because that’s what I find works for my armpits.  You simply push up from the bottom of the tube to exposure around a centimetre of the deodorant and swipe it under your armpits.  I chose the tubes of deodorant because I prefer not putting my hands in it (I moisturise around the same time and don’t want deodorant on my face).  This one definitely kept me fresh and pong free all day.


Forever Fresh

Forever Fresh We Love Deodorants

I really like the name of this one.  It smells lovely too.  The Forever Fresh fragrance has a refreshing scent of pure citrus fruit oils and herbs.  I found them a little bit tricky to push up, but I warmed the tube in my hands then it was no problem.  The consistency of the deodorant is quite thick and creamy, which is good.  Lissy has been finding this deodorant really good going, considering she puts her deodorant through its paces with her sports and dance and school activities.

Would I Buy The Again?

I think £8.99 is a fair price for 65g of deodorant.  Yes, I would and more than likely will buy them again.  I’m really interested to try the other scents out.

You can check out more of my green beauty posts here.

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