What Do You Do About A Broken Tooth?

What Do You Do About A Broken Tooth?

Having to go through dental work can be a pain in the rear. However, there are times when it is essential, and you need to act as quickly as you can to protect your teeth as best as possible. This can most certainly be the case if you’ve broken your tooth due to an accident or injury. So, what should you do about it?

fixing a broken tooth

Dealing with the pain

If the pain isn’t in the extreme, then you might not need an emergency appointment with the dentist. However, it can still be painful while you’re waiting to see them. Treating the pain of a broken tooth at home can involve rinsing your mouth gently to clear out debris that can cause friction. Using ice to reduce the swelling can also help calm the ache of that tooth, too, while you should be using gauze to reduce any bleeding inside the mouth. Be sure to avoid drinking anything too acidic, too cold, or salty.

Do you need an emergency appointment?

If the damage is large enough or the pain is severe enough, then you should take a trip to the dentist as soon as you can. Get in touch, letting them know that it’s an emergency. If the pain is that extreme, then it may be the case that the nerves of the tooth are exposed. In that case, you might need a root canal. This involves clearing out the pulp of a badly damaged tooth in order to save the entire tooth from having to be taken out.

Filling in the gaps

Whether or not you’re going to get a root canal, you may want to have the gap closer. For small chips, you might not necessarily need to have the lost portion replaced, but the smaller kinds can usually be handled with a filling, which isn’t a very complex or long-lasting procedure. Crowns are more likely to be necessary for cases in which large portions of the tooth are gone, or the roots are exposed and you need a root canal. While crowns can often take multiple appointments to fit, there are specialists that can offer a same-day crown procedure. Get in touch with those that can help you with your needs in the quickest and most reliable way.

If you have all the pieces of the tooth

If a piece of your tooth breaks off and you’re able to find it again, then it may be possible that your dentist could simply glue it back on. This won’t always be the case. If the damage surrounding the break is too extensive, they might not be able to, for instance. Glueing on a broken tooth is not quite like glueing on a broken denture, you can’t just do it yourself, you’re going to need the dentist.

What you can do about your broken tooth is largely going to depend on how bad the pain feels and how much of the tooth you can save. Of course, the only way to find that out is to get in touch with the dentist.

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