What To Do Before a Cross-Country Road Trip

What To Do Before a Cross-Country Road Trip

Envisioning clear skies and the open road ahead is exciting. See landmarks and spend time with family or friends on a fun road trip. But first, you should know what to do before a cross-country road trip. Follow this advice prior to your next adventure!

Establish Reliable Navigation Options

Google Maps is one of the most popular GPS tools for short and long trips. However, it’s not the only navigation system that works. Establish reliable navigation options like road trip apps and downloaded maps.

You don’t want to rely on internet-based systems because they malfunction in areas with low signals. Although it’s “old-school,” always keep a paper map on hand. They’re effective navigation tools too!

Grab Portable Chargers

Grab portable chargers before a cross-country road trip. Although most vehicles have USB charging ports, your engine must work harder to power devices. In short, charging your phone uses gas. While on a cross-country trip, frequent gas station breaks are the last things you want.

Save fuel and time by using portable chargers. These devices can power smartphones, laptops, and other essential gadgets. Portable chargers are small and affordable! So why not grab one for your next trip?

Create an Emergency Kit

Anything can happen on the open road, and you must prepare for different situations. Create an emergency kit to help you through challenging times. Here are some things to include in your kit:

  • A spare tire
  • A jumper cable
  • A first-aid kit
  • A multipurpose utility tool kit
  • A flashlight
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food

Service Your Vehicle

Before a road trip, service your vehicle! After all, there’s nothing worse than a broken-down vehicle sitting on the side of the road. Check fluid levels, car batteries, tires, and internal parts. It’s also a good idea to assess vehicle noises.

For example, whining and gurgling are noises that indicate a failing transmission. Don’t ignore strange sounds or put off mechanic visits. You want your vehicle to thrive on the road, and maintenance helps your car!

Plan Out Main Stops and Rest Periods

On top of all this, you should plan your main stops and rest periods. You’re embarking on a long drive, and it’s best to schedule breaks. Look up restaurants, attractions, or small towns on your route. Plan time to get out of the car and enjoy local activities.

The journey is better than the destination in a cross-country trip. So take advantage of local opportunities for fun along the way!

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