What To Do if You Find Leaking Water in Your Home

What To Do if You Find Leaking Water in Your Home

A home should be your oasis, but it’s an oasis where you don’t want water to run freely through every crack and hole. Water is something you can enjoy for drinking and bathing, but when it leaves that realm, it can turn dangerous. Leaking water is something you don’t want in your home, but what do you do if you spot it? You need to address the leaking water first, and then you need to take the necessary steps to repair the damage it caused.

Temporary Solution

Typically, the first step to take when there is a leak in your home is to find the source and stop it. Unfortunately, the leak may be elusive, and if you still have the leak going, you could waste precious time hunting for it. While you’re searching, the leak may still hurt your home. Even if you think you know where the leak is coming from, before you go searching for it, you should put a temporary solution in place. Whether it’s a bowl, paper towel, or heavy-duty towel, a temporary solution can keep your home somewhat safe while you find the source of the leak.

Address the Leak

As mentioned already, one of the first things you need to do is stop what you’re doing, find the leak, and address it. If it’s leaking through the wall, it’s time to invest in some sealant. Similarly, if it’s coming from a faulty faucet or broken pipe, you need to close things off before the leak worsens. The size of the fix can vary depending on the cause, but regardless of how much effort and resources you need, stopping the leak at this point is critical.

Assess the Damage

After stopping the leak, it’s time to step back and assess the damage. Leaks come in all different shapes and sizes—it’s important you see everything that the water damaged so that you have a list to send to your insurer later. In addition to assessing the harm, you must also see what you can do to fix the damage. A small leak may leave some minor issues, but a bigger leak can result in rotted wood or mold.

File an Insurance Claim

Depending on the extent of water damage, you may not be able to quickly clean up the leak and get everything back to normal. Leaks come in various sizes, and yours could potentially damage your entire home. If you’re in a situation like that, it may be time to file a water damage insurance claim with your insurance company.

Leaking water is one of the different types of water damage insurance claims you can pursue, but it can be a tricky claim to file. Policy details will vary from insurer to insurer, so get all your information together, document the damage, and file your claim so that you can get the compensation you need.

If you find leaking water in your home, you need to quickly find the source, stop it, clean it up, and handle the damage. Taking care of your home requires a lot of work, but with the right tools and knowledge about what to do, you can handle these problems with ease. Additionally, with the right preventative maintenance, your home can become an impenetrable fortress where leaking water becomes much rarer.

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