4 Fall Activities to Try and 4 to Definitely Avoid

A new season gives everyone time to take a deep breath and refresh their routine, and autumn is no different. In addition to finding the nearest cafes with pumpkin spice lattes and brainstorming your Halloween costume, these tips can help you make the most of the season. Explore four activities to try — and four to stay away from — this season.


Try: Visiting a Farmers Market

Your favorite seasonal recipes may require a few more trips to your grocery store. Even if you’re excited to bake pumpkin bread or roasted squash, the ingredients might cost more than your budget allows.

Farmers markets are great resources for seasonal ingredients. Check your town’s event calendar on the local government website or local group calendars on social media. Farmers who live just a few miles away will show up with freshly harvested veggies and baked goods at more budget-friendly prices because they don’t need to pay for shipping. Plus, the produce will be fresh and delicious!

Avoid: Leaving Sunscreen Behind

Cooler weather is refreshing and crisp, so people often think they can do yardwork or go on walks in the fall without applying sunscreen. Unfortunately, you can still get sunburns during the fall and winter. Sometimes, burns don’t even show symptoms until four hours have passed, so you may spend time outside thinking your skin is fine when it’s really getting too warm.

Remember to apply sunscreen before raking those fall leaves or mowing your lawn. It only takes a few seconds, but it could prevent ultraviolet (UV) ray damage that leads to burns and skin cancer. Hats can also protect your face if you find one with a wide brim that extends past your nose and ears.

Try: Baking a New Pie Recipe

Summer heat makes everyone crave ice cream and popsicles for dessert. Autumn is an invitation for warmer desserts like freshly baked pies. Although you should enjoy the classic recipes you’ve always loved, try getting more creative this year to step outside your comfort zone.

Swap carrots for sweet potatoes or pumpkin filling to make creative carrot pies. Top your apple pie with green chilies or make cranberry pear crumble pies with fruit picked at local farms. Your family might love trying something new while they’re feeling adventurous in autumn’s early weeks.

Avoid: Forgetting to Clean Your Gutters

Summer and autumn thunderstorms leave debris in gutters. When that debris builds up, water pools on rooftops and runs down the siding instead of washing where the gutter spouts direct it. Homeowners can experience warped roof tiles and damaged structural integrity in their home’s foundation if they don’t clean their gutters seasonally.

Spend a few minutes removing debris with a sturdy ladder and some yardwork gloves. When your gutters are empty, autumn thunderstorms and melting winter snow won’t cause property damage that results in costly repairs.

Try: Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Whether you bring pumpkins home to carve or use in recipes, you likely throw out the seeds and fibrous strands inside each gourd. Save the seeds in a separate bowl before your next project. You can wash them, toss them in olive oil, sprinkle them in salt and bake them until they have a toasted crunch.

It’s a simple snack that’s extra delicious when pumpkins are seasonally fresh in autumn. Your mental and physical health will also benefit from the numerous nutrients and vitamins in each bite.

Avoid: Using Your Uninspected Chimney

Chilly fall mornings are the perfect time to light your fireplace. There’s nothing like the first sip of coffee by a crackling fire, but that fire could prove dangerous in more ways than one. Summer storm debris could have fallen into your chimney and gathered over the last few months. The clogs prevent smoke from escaping, redirecting particles and carbon monoxide into your home.

Carbon monoxide has no smell, so your family could experience symptoms like dizziness or headaches without realizing what they’re inhaling. Prevent a health scare by scheduling a chimney inspection before lighting your fire autumn fire. A professional team can remove any debris that poses a risk so your family is safe whenever you want to relax by the fireplace.

Try: Camping in Your Backyard

Cooler weather makes camping much more enjoyable. Consider trying it with your family in a less stressful way. You could always invest in a tent made with durable materials and pitch it in your backyard. If your kids don’t enjoy sleeping outside or get scared of the dark, their beds will only be a short walk away.

Avoid: Driving Quickly Over Wet Leaves

You might have a busy schedule that keeps your family on the road throughout the year. While you’re escorting your kids to after-school activities or playdates, keep an eye out for fallen leaves on wet roads. The soaked leaves are slippery for tires. If you drive over them too quickly, your tires could lose traction and cause an accident. Drive more slowly over large piles of wet leaves after autumn thunderstorms to keep your loved ones safe in the car.

Have Fun With These Fall Activities

Consider trying these fun fall activities this year. You’ll invent new ways to entertain your kids and enjoy the season while autumn lasts. You’ll also keep everyone safe, making relaxing together even easier.

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