4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Judge A House By Its Cover

4 Reasons You Shouldn't Judge A House By Its Cover

You wouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so why do you do it with properties? Don’t judge a house by its cover. Now that you’re ready to start looking for a house – these are the signs, if you’re unsure – you have to decide which features are essential and which you can discard. Unfortunately, kerb appeal will always rank highly because it acts as a first impression.

don't judge a house by its cover

Although you want it to say and do all the right things, you need to be careful of making a quick judgement based on a gut instinct. Your gut is your friend, but you shouldn’t give it carte blanche regarding real estate. Here’s why.

The Outside Is Cosmetic

Yes, the exterior of a house is essential since it contains the foundations of your home. However, it’s easy to make it appear more appealing, tricking you into giving the property extra credit. Remember that you will live inside, and have to put up with the interior daily, so that’s where you should focus most of your energy. The outside is nice, yet you can spruce it up with a bit of elbow grease and hard work when you have time. Some houses are catfish, and it’s essential to keep this in mind when you park up outside.

Damage Can Be Cosmetic Too

On the flip side, there’s no need to freak out if you spot something a little bit iffy. Yes, a damp patch isn’t a welcome sight, but it’s not the end of the world. The trick is to find out why it’s there, and whether that changes your opinion of the building. For example, it might have come from a leaky roof that has since been repaired (ask for proof and research the contractor). In this case, you can paint over it or live with it. Either way, it isn’t a warning sign.

Upgrades Aren’t Expensive

Say you get there and it’s the worst-case scenario. For instance, the kitchen is a pile of rubble. Do you instantly leave and view another property? Nobody would blame you, yet you should think about the pros and cons first. A big negative is that you can’t make a house a home without a cooking space. However, a positive is that kitchen renovations aren’t overly expensive if you shop around for an excellent deal. Therefore, if the cost of a new kitchen is cheaper than the other properties, it might be worth placing a bid.

You Want To Add Your Personality

Finally, you don’t want to move into another person’s home. You want the home comforts and the accessories and the charm, but it has to feel like your house. Sadly, too many properties look as if they belong to a range of people because they are generic. Even worse, they are clearly not to the owner’s taste. At least a doer-upper allows you to create a home in your image, making it the ideal place to live and bring up a family.

The outside will draw you in, but you should try and remain level headed and weigh up the property’s strengths and weaknesses. Don’t judge a house by its cover.

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