What Jewellery to Wear This Festive Season

What Jewellery to Wear This Festive Season

What are you going to wear to the Christmas party this year? What about your family dinner occasion? It’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear; that way, you can start planning early, and you won’t be stuck for ideas closer to the time. So here are some jewellery ideas. 

Statement pieces 

The festive period is by far the best time to bring out the statement pieces. Statement jewellery is typically big, bold, and in your face, but that’s exactly what you want when you’re competing with the festive decorations and everyone around you all looking to make an impression. 

Statement jewellery can be things like necklaces, vintage or antique rings, earrings, or bracelets. What they all have in common is the boldness of the styles. So this festive season, choose statement pieces that suit your personal style. These will match and contrast with the season effortlessly.

Christmas festivities

Nose rings 

If you have a piercing for a nose ring, the festive season is the best time to choose a nice stud or ring for your nose. Not everyone has these, so it’s an excellent opportunity to stand out and make an impression. If you don’t have a nose piercing, why not get one for the season? 

Nose rings and studs come in different sizes and styles. Once again, the festive season isn’t a time to be shy; it’s a time to get creative and colorful. If you decide to wear a nose piercing this season, make sure it complements your makeup and your style overall. 


Another jewelry item that’s been largely forgotten about in recent years is anklets. Younger women normally wear anklets in warmer climates where they can show them off. But, ironically, wintertime is also a nice opportunity to wear an anklet at your Christmas party or occasion. 

Anklets are easy to buy and wear. It’s essentially a bracelet for your ankle, so you don’t have to get and special piercings; just make sure the item you buy is the right size for your ankle. It should not be too tight or too loose. It should sit loosely but comfortably on your ankle.   

Stud Earrings 

Some people like long earrings and statement pieces; others prefer to be loud in smaller ways. These earrings might be stud earrings, but that doesn’t make them any less loud, stylish, or appropriate for the festive season. These stud earrings come in various designs and colors. 

Before investing in a set of stud earrings for the festive season, consider your personal style. What is your personal color scheme, and what impression do you want to make at the Christmas party or a family occasion this year? The good news is there are stud earrings to suit all tastes.  

Mismatched earrings 

This year you will find a trend towards mismatched earrings. That means a single earring on one side or two earrings that are completely different. It might sound counterintuitive, but this is a colorful and creative way to wear your festive jewelry. It’s also a great way to recycle jewellery.

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