4 Study Tips for College Students With ADHD

4 Study Tips for College Students With ADHD

For many college students, studying is challenging, especially when there is complicated material to review. But for students who have ADHD, studying may feel like an uphill battle to retain knowledge and focus. Fortunately, there are some methods you can use to gain the knowledge you need for your courses.

Don’t Wait To Study

One of the most common behaviors of ADHD is procrastination, which will make you drag your feet to start studying. The best counter to procrastination is to start something immediately.

As you put off studying, your mind will focus on other things, and you may forget that you need to study until the last second. It’s important not to wait and let your mind wander; instead, you should begin reading or taking notes so your focus will slowly shift to the subject you need to research.

Breaks Are Your Friend

We all need to step away and recharge when we’ve worked on something for too long. College students with ADHD should take multiple breaks when studying, as focusing on something for extended periods is draining in numerous ways. People with ADHD often struggle to concentrate for moderate to long periods and will become easily distracted or space out.

Staying focused for a full hour is a challenge for students with ADHD. Failure to rest will leave the mind exhausted and the body feeling restless. Frequent study breaks are important for students with ADHD to create a mental rhythm to complete tasks and let the mind rest in between.

Learn the Information in Smaller Portions

Students with ADHD may have difficulty with short-term retention and need to learn information in smaller portions. For example, books are often divided into chapters or sections to help the reader absorb the information efficiently.

If books didn’t have chapters, it wouldn’t be easy to read and process everything. You can apply this concept to studying as a college student with ADHD; learning new information in small portions is essential to understanding new concepts.

Find a Comfortable, Solitary Place

The environment you study in is important when you have ADHD, as distractions can derail you. Studying away from people, loud noises, and distracting objects will help you focus. This location may be a corner in the library, an empty classroom, or a setup you’ve made at your apartment.

One of the benefits of a fully furnished apartment is comfortable furniture and a place to sit and focus. A comfortable setting will help you feel less restless and more relaxed for an excellent study session.

As a college student with ADHD, learning new concepts can be challenging. These tips will help you create the best circumstances for studying so you can excel in your courses and learn as much as possible.

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