The Ultimate Guide To Renovating Your Garden On A Budget

The Ultimate Guide To Renovating Your Garden On A Budget

If you have popped to your local garden centre recently, the chances are you may have been blown away at just how expensive plants, flowers and furniture for your outside space can be. However, it needn’t cost the Earth to remodel your rear garden. With a little research, your bargain hunting hat, and some hustling, you can create a chic outside space fit for summer and ready for your brood to enjoy. Take a look at this guide to help you renovate your garden on a budget.

Zone Your Space

Having your garden fit for purpose means creating a useable space for the entire family. This means creating specific areas for every member of your brood. For your other half who loves his own space to get away from your little darlings, a shed or man cave might be in order. Here, he can relax, read a book, partake in a spot of online gaming and get away from it all. You might fancy an area to grow vegetables, to relax in a hammock on some decking or an alfresco dining space for summer dinner parties. You could check out some new garden furniture, sourcing ex-display models to keep costs down. For the kids, how about a sand pit, a patch of lawn to kick a ball around on, or a bit of an adventure playground space. By zoning out your garden, you can ensure that everyone has the chance to enjoy the external living area of your humble abode.

Vegetable Growing

Nearly everyone has a sustainable bone in their body nowadays. A simple way to save money on your household budget is by utilising your garden to grow your own produce. Even if you don’t have too much space you can order an array of small space-saving vegetable troughs online to fit in your garden. You could sow potatoes, onions and carrots, to then whip up a storm within the kitchen. You could even get the children on board out of their bedrooms, away from their video games, and outside with you instead. Quality family time can be hard to come by, but growing vegetables is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to make it happen. For more tips on vegetable gardening, visit Bitponics.



While you might like the idea of a lush patch of lawn to mow every week, the best quality turf can be expensive. The upkeep on top just adds to the cost. Forget the lawnmower and consider the joys of artificial grass. The artificial lawn available nowadays looks as real and feels as real as the genuine article. Add to this the fact that there is no mowing involved, it will always look as lush and perfect as the day you laid it, and maintenance is virtually zero, the initial outlay of the fake turf could be a wise investment. There are plenty of textures, colours and varieties to choose from. Head to your local garden centre to test out some samples before ordering it online for a fraction of the cost. Shop around before committing to any purchase.

Gardening can be fun, but also expensive. Use these money-saving tips to get your garden fit for the summer.

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