4 Things To Change Before Society Reopens

4 Things To Change Before Society Reopens

It’s been a long time since any of us went clubbing, to a party, or anything else involving a large gathering of people for that matter. But that’s soon going to change. Thanks to vaccines, the pandemic is going to come to an end. And when it does, our social lives will get back to normal.

2020 and 2021 have been a unique opportunity for everyone to work on themselves and build a better inner life. With less work, fewer outings, and more time spent at home, we’ve never had so many opportunities to think about our wellbeing and place in the world. 

So what can you change about yourself to improve your mental wellbeing before society reopens its doors this spring and summer? Let’s take a look. 

Create A Positive Routine For Yourself

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Creating a routine in normal life is actually quite challenging. There’s so much chaos that just settling down into a set pattern is hard. Work schedules chop and change, people come into and go out of your life more regularly, and you’re generally time-starved. 

The pandemic, however, has been the perfect opportunity to create a truly you-centred routine. Probably for the first time in your life, nobody is telling you how you should organize your time. It’s totally up to you. 

Become Less Fearful

become less fearful

We live in a society that sees death as taboo. We can’t talk about it without somebody complaining that we are being “morbid” or “miserable.” The pandemic, however, forces us to confront it in a very real way. There’s no getting away from it. 

We’ve seen people trying to manage the coronavirus in many ways. Some have tried to control it by wearing various masks and gloves. Others have gone for a private COVID test to assuage their fears. Some people have changed their diet to boost their immune systems.

However, when it comes to the emotion of fear itself, being present is the best solution. We have a nasty habit of always imagining the worst that could happen. But if you just focus on your life as it is now, you’ll notice that all the anxiety just vanishes. 

Become Less Angry

There’s a famous saying about being angry. It goes something like this: 

Being angry with somebody is like drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to drop dead. 

That’s because anger long-term hurts you, not the other person. They don’t experience the rage or anguish. They’re probably just getting on with their lives. 

Before the world reopens, look for ways to cut the unnecessary anger out of your life. Holding onto negative thoughts long-term can seriously damage your overall well-being. 

Be More Open

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Lastly, try becoming more open in your approach to life. As we get older, we often close ourselves off to the possibilities in our lives. We think that we have to commit to certain ideas or habits, but we don’t. The truth is that you can do anything and be anything. It’s just a question of getting your mind to agree with you. 

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