My October Favourites 2019

My October Favourites 2019


Another month has flown by.  It’s been ages since I’ve written one of these posts, even though they’re my favourite posts to write!  I love October and there have been many lovely things this month.


Carnival Night

Lissy Chard carnival

We have our town’s carnival in the second week of October and our whole family and my friends get together to watch it.  It was especially special this year because my teenage daughter, Lissy, was dancing in the carnival.  It rained the whole evening, which was a bit rubbish but it didn’t dampen our enjoyment.  MrLovely parked our van nearby and made everyone hotdogs and hot drinks.  It was great!


Ivy The Van Passed Her MOT

Ivy the transit van camper conversion

After a LOT of welding by MrLovely prior to the test, Ivy (our twenty-year-old transit camper conversion) passed her MOT.  Thank goodness because, living with agoraphobia, that van is absolutely my lifeline.  Ivy isn’t very fast, in fact, you can walk up hills quickly that she’ll drive, but she’s reliable and starts every time.


Soup.  All The Soup

vegetable soup - ww - 0sp

I’ve been making a lot of soup this month.  Chucking all the vegetables in my Crockpot pressure cooker of dreams.  It takes 30 minutes to make the soup and, because it’s a pressure cooker, it’s not boiling all the nutrients out of them.  It’s definitely soup season in this house.



Another thing I love about autumn is candles.  I cannot get enough of them at this time of year.  You should see me when I’m in TK Maxx checking out all the vegetable wax candles.  There’s little more lovely than cosy evenings in with a candle lit and a Christmas movie on.  Yep, you read that right, I’ve already started watching Christmas movies.  I’m also a good halfway through my Christmas shopping too.  I have to start early given the size of my family.


D’Alchemy Micellar Cleansing Water

D'Alchemy Micellar Cleansing Water

I’ve been using this gorgeous product for a couple of weeks to cleanse my face in the evenings.  It smells heavenly and it so easy to use.  You just spray it on your face and remove it with a cloth pad (or a cotton pad).  I love the packaging, it comes in a black glass bottle with a spray action top.  The micellar water is especially good for mature skin types and is based on rose hydrosol.  It’s packed with natural plant extracts, is antiseptic, soothing and has anti-ageing properties.


My Children Being In The Same Room!

my babies

My oldest son (pictured in the middle) moved away a few months ago and him visiting so rarely coincides with the other two being around so them being together is a lovely rarity.  My oldest proposed to his fiance a couple of months ago and has asked my daughter to be a bridesmaid.  She’s so excited!

There have been many more lovely things this month, if you want to see them all, check out my Instagram page.  I just love October!

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