5 Apps For Beginner Runners

5 Apps For Beginner Runners

5 Apps For Beginner Runners

Running can be tough for a beginner, you might find that you don’t have much stamina, for that your body is prone to aching the next day. The good news is, it gets much easier once you get into the swing of things. When you’re starting out, you might be glad of a little extra support. These apps can help you to train, get tips, and record your progress.


1 . Couch To 5k 

With the help of this application, you can motivate yourself to get up off the couch, and train for a 5k run! The application includes content from awesome trainers including Michael Johnson (former Olympian) and comedians Sanjeev Kohli and Sarah Millican. The Couch To 5k app offers a range of excellent features including:


  • A 9-week flexible running program, (or choose to work through in your own time).
  • Countdown timer, (so you always know how long you’ve got left).
  • Use with your preferred music player, while allowing you to hear the content at the same time.
  • Connect with other new runners in the Couch to 5k forum.

  1. Runcoach 

When you download Runcoach, you’ll get a fantastic running app and the support of real running coaches. The app helps you to personalize your coaching, to match your goals and needs. The app will set the correct speed and mileage, so you can avoid burnout and start improving. With the help of the Runcoach training program you can:


  • Adapt your training schedule as you improve.
  • Monitor your workout using GPS tracking tools.
  • Access the support of experienced coaches, on several topics, whether it’s injury prevention, training, or nutrition.


  1. Map My Run

Map My Run provides you with all the training and monitoring tools you need. Using the app you can get started with running, or improve your current skills. To start making healthy changes to your life, Map My Run is the app you need. With the help of this application you can:

  • Log hundred of fitness activities, whether yoga, running, cycling, or gym workouts.
  • Access audio coaching in real-time and GPS tracked runs.
  • Monitor your ‘shoe’s mileage’, and get notified when it’s time for a new pair!


  1. RunKeeper


Using the RunKeeper app you can monitor your pace, track weight loss, and track your distance. You can use the app for running, walking, biking, or training workouts. There are plenty of cool features to take advantage of including:


  • Figure out your speed, pace, calories burned, and elevation for all your fitness activities.
  • Check out pre-planned routes, and map your run as your go.
  • Track your heart rate or sync with your smartwatch.
  • Integrate with the chosen music platform that you use on your phone.


  1. Runtastic


Fantastic is a free-running app created by Adidas. You can access plans for 5k runs, 10k runs, or marathons. Using the app you can track your running activity, plus take part in virtual challenges. A few of the best features of the app include:


  • GPS tracking to log workout stats.
  • Get involved in global races, with people from all across the world.
  • Record your scores and set yourself fitness goals.


Runners, before you start your running journey, you’ll want to have the right equipment. The most important thing is a good pair of running shoes, to support your body and prevent an injury. When you’re looking for running clothes, you’ll want to buy running clothing that’s comfortable, breathable and sweat-wicking. To keep things green choose reusable Stainless steel water bottles.

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