Weight Watchers – Trying To Stay On Track

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What Is Going On?

Why am I struggling so much with my eating?!  I really do want to lose weight.  I definitely know I’m not alone in sometimes finding it hard to stay on track when I’m dieting.  I’m on a consistent pattern of self-sabotage.  “Oh, I’ll start again tomorrow”.  “It’s okay to eat this one cookie” (or packet of!!).  No!!  STEP AWAY FROM THE DARN SAINSBURY’S TASTE THE DIFFERENCE TRIPLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES.  For goodness sakes.  Someone please just stop me from eating the World.

I am that black dog…

Meal Planning

I have the evening meals planned for the week.  Yassss.  I have a list.  I’ve done the shopping.  I always fudge my healthy eating up by leaving dinner planning to the last minute, after a long day fannying about with animals and not having eating lunch.

The most frustrating thing is that I know how to do this.  I need to stop winging it and stick to the blooming plan.  Plan, plan, plan.  Just plan it all.  Plan the World.  I need to stop leaving things to chance!!

The bar has been set.  I’ll let you know how I do.

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win meal planner

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