5 Fun Ways to Get Kids Interested in Green Living

5 Fun Ways to Get Kids Interested in Green Living

Summer is the perfect time of year to get your kids interested in nature, sustainability, and plenty of other aspects of green living. Now that the warm weather has arrived, you can get out in the garden as a family and teach them how to grow their own. You could even check out an interactive environmentally-focused exhibition at your local science museum or plan a trip to learn more about agriculture. Simply getting in touch with nature can also be very beneficial for kids and adults alike. Here are five fun ways to get kids interested in green living.

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Get them in the garden

Introduce your children to gardening and get those little green thumbs working. There are plenty of easy crops for kids to grow, even later in summer. Herbs and salad leaves will grow pretty quickly and your kids will find this very satisfying. You can also take this as an opportunity to teach them about healthy eating and how to reduce food waste. Gardening is a very therapeutic hobby as well and has many wellbeing benefits.

Organise an agricultural trip

If you’d like to teach your children about agriculture and other cultures you could look into an educational trip. Agriturismo or woofing are very popular, for example. In exchange for working on a local farm, kids will get free accommodation and a taste of the culture as well as the fresh produce. You can find out more about educational trips for kids from the student travel company.

Go on nature hikes

If you don’t have the budget to organise a trip you could simply explore an area of natural beauty near you. Take your kids on a nature hike and get them to help you identify the local flora and fauna. You could even get them to draw their favourite plants and animals. There are several benefits of outdoor learning. It allows children to get in touch with nature and gain perspective. They’ll also learn respect, patience, and other useful skills.

Have fun with recycling

Make recycling fun by repurposing old items into cool accessories for your garden or home. You could make plant pots or lanterns from used household items or recycled glass jars. Here are a few more upcycling ideas for the garden to give you inspiration. Find fun ways to teach your children the importance of reducing waste and living a more minimalist lifestyle. This way they’ll learn to be more mindful about this in the future.

Check out an exhibition

You could search online for an exhibition related to green living near. Science museums often have fun interactive activities that teach children about energy use, for instance. Alternatively, there are plenty of eco-focussed virtual exhibitions available online. Find something that’s age-appropriate and aligns with your kids’ interests. This way it will resonate with them. There are plenty of different ways you can get your children interested in green living. This will hopefully encourage them to inspire others to live more sustainably as well.

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