Manky Eyes, Mucky Mitts & Botanicals Hand Sanitiser

manky eyes & mucky mitts

mother and sonOli-Pop – My Youngest

I’ve always felt that my youngest child is my most vulnerable.  He was diagnosed with mild pulmonary valve stenosis when he was first born.  This caused us a lot of worry and many hospital visits but he’s okay.  He will need a procedure to make the valve bigger when he’s older but doesn’t really effect him.

Orbital Cellulitis

As is always the way, just before school finished for half term, one of my babies fell ill. Oli-Pop, my littlest.  It happened during a game of cricket at the farm.  Dust got into his eye which has been contaminated by the cow poo lagoon.  I didn’t realise Orbital Cellulitis was such a serious condition.  I made the mistake of consulting Dr Google before going to bed and massively freaked out.  Foolish!  One should never refer to Dr Google.  We had actually consulted a doctor who said to keep an eye (my eye, not an infected eye…) on his and to call 101 should it get worse, so I did exactly that.  I kept an overnight vigil and didn’t sleep a wink.  I just watched him.  He was absolutely fine.  There was nothing to see, no dramatics and nothing other than a sore eye.

I blooming love that boy!  I just want to wrap him up in cotton wool and protect him from the World!

oli sleeping

The Germs

Do you know how many times children touch their eyes?  I was very concerned that he was going to spread the botanicals organicinfection from one eye to another.  Children, in general, are very germy beings.  Combine that will illness, I was extremely grateful for my purchase from Botanicals arriving the day before.  Thank goodness.  Oli and I were spraying the sanitiser every five minutes.  It was a total God send!

Botanicals New Organic Sanitiser 

I frequently need to use hand sanitisers because of the aforementioned germ-riddled little cherubs and having farm animals that need tending to on a daily basis.  I find the generic commercial brands really kill my hands and seriously dry them out and leave them itchy.

alcohol gel

This above photo is the one that’s at the farm for customers to use.  Eeks.  No!  The horror of the toxins contained in that bottle!!

botanicals hand

The one on the left is what I now use.  It’s a 100% natural, gentle alternative to conventional hand cleaners is certified by the Soil Association and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.  It has a pleasing natural fragrance, dries quickly and leaves a lovely luxurious feeling of silky softness on the skin.  What’s more, Botanicals Organic Sanitiser provides effective antibacterial protection without using chemical nasties, including petrochemicals!   Instead, Botanicals uses organic alcohol, derived from sugar beet, organic lavender and tea tree essential oils.  Mineral-rich spring water is also used to help restore mineral depletion from the skin.

With an easy to use pump action spritz bottle, this super handy summer must-have also comes in two sizes.  A 100ml version for when at home and a 50ml size for popping in your pocket, handbag, backpack or sports kit, for when out and about.  Essentially going where you go this summer!

Multiple Uses

Botanicals pure and natural Organic Sanitiser is also highly versatile.  So if you have to pack light, for a holiday or a festival, it helps keep hands, arms, feet and legs hygienically clean and skin feeling nourished and moisturised.  It can also double-up as a deodorant for occasional use, helping to keep you fresh and smelling sweet!

Spritz yourself clean naturally this summer with Botanicals new Organic Sanitiser!  You’ll find it equally effective as chemical-based liquid soaps and wipes, but kinder on your body and a sheer pleasure to use.

botanicals hand sanitiser

This is not a sponsored post.  I’ve written about Botanicals Hand Sanitiser because it’s a product that I’ve purchased that I love and want to share with you.  To purchase your own bottle, visit Botanicals here.

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