A Deeper Look: The Truth About Living in California

A Deeper Look: The Truth About Living in California

Despite the portrayal in movies and television shows, California isn’t all glitz and glamour. Take a deeper look at the state by reading the truth about living in California. Some things may surprise you!

A Deeper Look: The Truth About Living in California

There Is a Lot of Traffic

This one may not come as a surprise, but if you’re not a fan of traffic, California isn’t the place for you. The average Southern California driver spends over 100 hours in traffic each year! But it’s not just Southern California—the entire state experiences a lot of congestion on the roads and national highs of traffic and driving time.

The Food Scene Is Amazing

One of the best things about California is its diversity. According to Wallethub’s list of most diverse states, California is number one! And this unique blend of cultures contributes to a tasty food scene. From West Indian to Vietnamese, you’ll find rich flavors from awesome restaurants all over the state. Don’t be afraid to try different cuisines in California.

Weather Is Tolerable Year-Round

We can thank Albert Hammond for the famous song “It Never Rains in Southern California.” Although rain is inevitable, the state has lots of sunshine! With mild winters and warm conditions, the weather is tolerable year-round. Therefore, if you’re a fan of sun and heat, California is the perfect place!

Expenses Add Up

A hard truth about living in California is that expenses add up. One of the most noticeable things about the state is the high cost of living. California’s living costs are 50 percent more than the national average. Mainly due to high rent and property prices, living in Cali costs a pretty penny. In fact, groceries and transportation also cost quite a bit.

Government Assistance Is Available

Because California can be an economically challenging place to live, government assistance is available. For example, food assistance programs help Californians cover the cost of groceries. But that’s not the only helpful program. The Employment Development Department is a government organization that helps residents get jobs and offers financial assistance during unemployment.

The department offers programs and resources to those looking for help. For instance, some EDD resources everyone should know about include job training services and disability insurance.

Now you know some truths about living in California. If you’re considering a move, you now have more information to help you decide if California is the right place for you.

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