Alteya Certified Organic Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate

I’ve recently been trying a product from LoveLula that’s new to me by a brand, Alteya Certified Organic Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate, that’s also new to me.  I thought I’d share my thoughts with you because I think it’s a really special product.

Alteya Organics

Alteya Organics was founded in 1999 and growing and caring for roses has been a family tradition for over a century.  When it comes to roses, Alteya really knows their stuff.  Their roses are grown nestled between two mountain ranges in the heart of the Bulgarian rose valley.


Serum Vs Moisturiser

I’ve been really enjoying using serums over the last few months.  I think they’re real;y beneficial to my skin, particularly as I’m ageing.  Serums penetrate the skin deeper than a moisturiser.

Serums are often more expensive because they contain just the active ingredients.  A serum is water-based, so thinner.  A moisturiser often contains mineral oils as something to lock in the moisture to your skin; They feel much thicker and heavier than a serum.  As serums are water-based, they penetrate through your epidermis (top layer of your skin which is made up of oil and water) to your dermis (water-based cells, the second layer of your skin) whereas moisturiser, often being water and oil-based together, tends to stay on the surface of your skin.

Alteya Certified Organic Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate

Alteya Certified Organic Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate

The packaging is a glass bottle inside a black and gold box.  It’s sleek and feels luxurious.  I love that the serum comes in a glass bottle.  The pipette is operated with a button type system.  I’ve never come across a pipette like this one before.  I did find it tricky to draw up the amount I wanted but it did look good.

Rose Otto Serum


The serum is a cream colour and, as you’d expect from rose experts, smells of roses.  Gorgeous!  It was lovely to apply and felt amazing on my skin.  It absorbed in really quickly.  I’ve taken to using this at nighttime in place of a moisturiser.  During the day, I apply this to my face and neck prior to applying my Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser – SPF30.



rose serum benefits

Final Thoughts

Whilst I appreciate this product does come with a pretty hefty price tag at £55, I think this bottle is going to last me for months so it’s worth its price.  Also, do remember it’s concentrated so you don’t need much when you’re applying it.  I’m really enjoying using it and I’ll be continuing to do so.

You can purchase this product from here.  Thanks for reading.  You can check out my other green beauty blog posts here.

Lu Lovely


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