Bedroom Makeover Tips For A Better Organised Room

Bedroom Makeover Tips For A Better Organised Room

No matter what size our bedroom is, we always manage to find a way to fill the space we have, we always lack storage and still end up with clutter and stuff all over the place. If you’re getting ready to do a bedroom makeover or feel like you’re ready for a change here are some great ideas to make the most out of your bedroom and have it more organised and looking neat and tidy. 

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Clothes Storage

People buy clothes all the time and there’s only so much that your wardrobes can hold. So if you’re doing a bedroom makeover it’s a great idea to get a new wardrobe that can fit in the majority of the clothes that you have. You can also look to see if there are wardrobes that have shoe storage, storage for your jewellery and watches as well as a shelf in the top to store the things that are for special occasions. Another way that you can optimise your clothes storage is by using the seasons. For example, in the summer, have all of your summer clothes in the wardrobe and vacuum pack or store in airtight containers all of your winter clothes and put them in the loft. And then in the winter you will do the same, have all your winter clothes out and put all of your summer clothes away. This means that your wardrobe isn’t jampacked with all of your clothes all year round.

Do A Declutter Beforehand 

When you’re doing a bedroom makeover you don’t want to be looking to get storage for things that you no longer want to keep. So the best thing to do before you start decorating, rearranging and buying new furniture is to do a big D clutter on the stuff you already have. Starting with the more space-consuming items like books, clothes and shoes. Go through everything in your room even the ornaments and knickknacks and if you aren’t using them or simply don’t want them anymore then get rid. Donate them to a charity, give them family and friends or if they are no good just dispose of them. 

Optimise What Space You Have 

Sometimes if you have a smaller bedroom you can struggle to have storage and have everything organised. The best way to do this is to optimise what space you have and get items that can help you do that. One of the items that are good to invest in is door hanging storage. You can get things that hang off the back of doors and have different pockets and hooks where you’re able to store shoes, coats and other things that take up a lot of space and it’s simply hanging on your door which means that you’re saving space. Another great option is to get drawers under your bed. The drawers are on wheels that simply slide in your bed and you can store winter coats as well as things that take up a lot of room like bedding, towels and sheets.

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