Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask by Sinivalia

I’ve recently discovered a new brand called Sinivalia and they’ve sent me some of their Bentonite Clay face mask to review.  Please note, as this facemask was sent to me as a gift, that makes this blog post an ad.  My opinions are my own and being gifted an item doesn’t alter my opinion on it.


Founded by a team of women, Sinvalia are passionate about skincare and have travelled the World in search of superior skincare ingredients.

Researching science publications and speaking with countless physicians, they eventually formulated the safe, effective and gentle product range – SINIVALIA!  Our products work – they took years to perfect and they are based on the very latest scientific and dermatological research. They are different – and it’s a difference you will FEEL.

Sinivalia promise

Sinivalia Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask

Bentonite clay is one of those wonderful ingredients that is good for a multitude of uses.  You can use it on your face, hair and body.  You can even add it to your bath.

Bentonite clay has a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium so therefore absorbs and removes toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals

The package is a white, plastic container.  You can’t use metal around bentonite clay because metal reacts with the clay and reduces its healing properties.  Inside the tub is an odourless very fine-grained, soft powder in a pale grey, almost cream colour.

Using The Mask

bentonite clay mask

The instructions are to mix the powder 50/50 with rose water.  I use used boiled water from the kettle.  Mixing it is into a paste resulted in a very lumpy consistency which, on the Amazon page, it says that is normal.

bentonite paste

Apply the paste to your face avoiding the eye area.  You may feel a warm, tingling sensation or tightness, which is completely normal, this is the clay pulling the toxins from your skin.  I think the mask almost feels like a gel when it’s on your skin.  I leave it on for around 5 minutes.

bentonite clay mask

To remove the mask, I use a warm, wet cotton flannel (it doesn’t stain).

I’ve used the mask twice a week for two weeks now and afterwards, it leaves my skin feeling tighter and I feel like the blackhead pores around my nose are a lot less.

I’m really enjoying using this facemask and I’ll be continuing to use it in the future.

Thank you to Sinivalia and please look out for the giveaway coming soon on my Facebook page.  You can read more of my green beauty posts here.


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