Can Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

Can Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

It is an ongoing debate among experts and industry leaders on whether renewable energy sources can replace fossil fuels. And the short answer could be yes, but the question remains when and how soon we can begin implementing practices that will help get us there. However, it is only right that we agree that the process is not going to be an easy one and will require the combined effort of everyone involved. So, how exactly can renewable energy replace fossil fuels and what can we do to make it work? We go into detail in the sections below. 

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Why Move Away from Fossils Fuel?

We agree that coal has been one of the earliest sources of energy use for many decades and this is coming after hundreds of years since it was first discovered. Still, the world relies heavily on coal, oil, and gas to meet some of its domestic and industrial needs which make fossils fuel to be one of the most sought-after commodities. But just how beneficial will it be in the long-term to continue relying on fossil fuels to meet the energy needs of the global population? 

The answer is that the negative impact of fossils fuel on the environment surely will mean that we need to seek out other positive methods quickly. And when it comes to the area of electricity generation, solar energy seems to be the way forward. We could also tap into other existing alternatives to coal, oil, and gas such as hydroelectricity and wind-generated sources as well to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. But there is no denying that we do need as a global community to start taking talks about renewable energy more seriously if we are going to advance into a future of sustainability. 

The effects of CO2 pollution from the use of fossils fuels are one of the biggest drawbacks to the continuous use going forward. There is also the fact that further depletion of natural resources such as coal, oil, and gas could affect the foreign mineral reserves. But when we look into natural sources such as water, wind, and sun, we can see that it could be a cheaper alternative that also helps to protect the environment. This website here has more on the ways carbon emissions affect the environment. 

Switching to Renewable Energy: The Hard Nut to Crack 

It surely will take time to completely implement new measures that will see the end to the dependence on fossils fuel. While it will not happen overnight, it can evolve slowly to become a possibility if we start taking the necessary steps today. Most of the bottleneck in the ways of progress right now is more political than practical which means that it is up to the government agencies and people at the helm of affairs to make and implement the necessary changes to take the right steps. 

We cannot ignore the fact that we still need to come up with more sustainable measures that will help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 pollution, and further negative impacts that our dependence on coal, oil, and gas is doing on the ecosystem. 

In the case of clean electricity generation, the use of solar panels is on the increase and government incentives are available to make the process of getting them ordered and installed easily for all and sundry. But some issues come up when we weigh the potential of solar energy replacing fossils fuel completely. 

For one, there is still not enough awareness of the benefits of going solar, and it could still be expensive to store the energy in batteries needed to power large setups. Still, it does not remove the fact that it could turn out to be one of the biggest advancements in the field of renewable energy for the global population. This link has blog articles that talk more about the progress in the field of solar energy. 

CO2 Emissions 

The biggest threat to the ecosystem comes from toxic CO2 emissions that blast into the atmosphere from industrial operations, petrol and diesel engine automobiles, bush burning, and similar activities that contribute to environmental pollution. Any attempts to come up with a new renewable energy source will cut down the CO2 emissions drastically. You will not have to worry about this if you choose to use solar panels in generating electricity for your personal use and switch to an electric vehicle. If you can imagine many of the global population all adopting solar panels and electric vehicles, you will agree that it will not be long before we notice positive changes in the global emission ratings. 

Wind and Hydro Potentials


It is also worth mentioning that progress could also take place in the wind and hydro renewable energy fields as there are currently investigations by industry leaders to come up with better ways to put water and wind power to good use. Although there is already a great deal of research going on in this field, most of the efforts are focusing on solar. 

Wind turbines can be built to power large farms and industrial settings thereby helping to reduce the dependence on coal and oil for use in factories and large-scale setups. One of the biggest challenges to advancement in the field of wind and hydro renewable energy sources is due to the cost of harnessing the energy from water and wind compared to the sun. This page looks into hydropower and wind energy and how they can help with providing a sustainable environment. 

With solar energy, you only need solar panels, inverters, and batteries to make the setup complete. But it could be more expensive to build turbines, dams, windmills, needed to provide electricity for the same area as solar energy. Breakthroughs in this field will have to include the provision of cheaper and affordable alternatives for wind and water that can match the prowess of solar. 

Still, if the government keeps up with the commitment to achieving the goals of meeting the global emission standards by 2035, it surely will help with progressing to a sustainable future for the ecosystem. But it will take the combined effort of the government and public to make the needed change. 

Final Note 

So now that you know that renewable energy can replace fossils fuel, your best bet is to do well to get on board the train to a more sustainable environment and switch to solar energy today for your home use. 

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