4 Environmentally Helpful Items You Need In Your Home

4 Environmentally Helpful Items You Need In Your Home

Saving the planet and going green are becoming more important as the years go on. We are all looking for more environmentally helpful items. With climate change and plastic floating in the ocean, a lot of people are finding better ways to clean their homes, clean themselves, and make their homes as sustainable as possible. There are so many products on the market to help in this endeavour, and here are four organic products you should have in your home.

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Paraben-Free Products

Going paraben-free has several advantages. The first is that parabens have been linked to certain kinds of cancers in women because the chemical make-up of the preservative can cause cell mutation. The second problem with parabens is that they get washed down the drain, into sewage systems and into our waterways. 

In recent years, parabens have been found in marine life. Parabens can potentially kill marine life or mutate their cells and when caught, humans will eat the mutated fish. When you go paraben-free, you prevent this cycle from continuing and maybe even stopping it. 

Organic Hand Wash

There is a lot to be said for organic care hand wash. A lot of organic hand washes are plant-based, which makes them better for the environment because harmful chemicals will not be washed down the drain and into the water system. Organic hand wash also contains antioxidants that will help prevent certain forms of cancer. 

With all-natural ingredients, your hands will be smoother and smell better with natural scents and oils from nature that are added to the formula. You won’t have to worry about chemicals getting onto your body and potentially harming, breaking, or damaging your skin. 

Cloth Napkins

There are tons and tons of paper towels thrown away every day. In areas where composting is available, paper towels can be composted, but composting is only in certain places. By having cloth napkins, you will produce tons less garbage. Cloth napkins can be used over and over again throughout the day or over the course of two days depending on how much you use them and how dirty they get.

When they are ready to be cleaned, put them in the wash and within the hour, you will have ready to use, clean napkins for your next meal. Paper towels can be saved for when you really need to clean up spills or you clean up something that needs to be thrown away immediately. 

Organic Bedding

Organic bedding has many perks. Many organic sheets are naturally wrinkle resistant meaning that although there are going to be some wrinkles, there won’t be as many wrinkles as traditional sheets. Also, organic bedding is made with organic cotton.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides. When pesticides are not in use that means harmful chemicals are not getting into the soil or into drinking water. The soil will be better for growing future crops, and when you get into your bed at night, you can be sure that your sheets are safe and healthy for you.

No one is the perfect environmentally helpful person.  We all need to do our best.

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