Creating the Best Environment for Home Education

How to Create the Best Environment for Home Education

As many parents have learned over the past couple of years, teaching your kids from home can be hugely rewarding. However, to give your kids the best opportunity to learn through home education effectively, it helps to have an environment that is geared specifically towards learning. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for creating the best space for educating your children from home. 

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Make a dedicated space

Most home educators will naturally gravitate towards using the kitchen or dining room for lessons. However, having a dedicated learning space will make it easier for children to focus on their schoolwork. Even if you use a corner of a room that you use regularly it can make all the difference. 

Get some decorated storage for school supplies that can be kept orderly easily. Mark the space with special classroom decorations to aid with learning. 

Having a dedicated space for school learning will not only help the children to maintain their focus, it also means that home learning won’t take over your entire home! 

Your home education learning space should be specific for schoolwork only. If your classroom doubles as a playroom or the living room, the chances are your kids will get distracted by their toys and electronics. 

Make it comfortable 

There are lots of factors that contribute to effective learning for your kids, and comfort is one of the most important. You don’t want them to be so comfortable that they lose focus, but at the same time you don’t want them to be sad and uncomfortable- you have to strike that all-important balance. 

For example, not all children are likely to maintain any level of focus if they sit on a chair all day. Give them opportunities to get up and release some energy- which could be good for you, too! 

Noisy environments are not great for kids trying to learn, so make sure when choosing your space it’s important to make sure that noise and distractions are limited. Sometimes using some soft music can be calming and help to drown out some of the noise that can prove to be distracting. 


Make it fun 

Think about times you have visited a classroom for your kids’ ages. They will often have posters with their work proudly displayed on the walls as well as educational posters with things like multiplication tables, colours etc. All of these things help to create a space that is fun, unique and geared towards learning. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make your home classroom a fun space for your children, then a quick search on social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, as well as joining groups for home school parents will give you some of the inspiration that you need. 

Play around with fabrics and textures- it may even be a great excuse to play around with different seating like beanbags etc. 

Learning and home education should be fun, too. Use props and toys to aid your teaching. This not only makes learning much more enjoyable, but they can also make spaces more aesthetically pleasing for children to look at.

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