Promoting a Love of Learning within Your Home

One of the best ways to aid your child’s success in school is to promote a positive attitude and love of learning within your home. Even if you have bad memories of your school days, having a negative attitude towards learning around your child will not motivate them to work hard in school. Here are some tips from an independent school in London to help you understand how to promote a love of learning within your home.


Learning At Home

The trick is to try and find learning opportunities in everything you do as a family. This will help show your child that learning can be fun and doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a classroom environment. Even something as simple as a board game will help your child with various skills, both personal and academic. Perhaps you could make a bird feeder with your child and teach them about the different species of birds that visit your garden. Alternatively, you could start a vegetable patch and teach your child about germination, seasonality and the different fruits and vegetables that can be grown in the UK. When you’re going for a drive somewhere, discuss with your child how the engine works. Let them help you with the cooking so that they can work on their ability to follow instructions, as well as numeracy skills. The list goes on and on.

child learning at home


A Quiet Area

If possible, it might be worth setting up a special area within your home for your child, where they can read, write, craft and complete their homework. It should be somewhere quiet, free from distractions, with enough natural light so that they can see clearly without getting eye strain. Without a space like this, your child will feel less inclined to engage in these types of activities. What’s more, if they feel like they have your support at home there are more likely to try harder.

If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to contact your child’s school. Teachers love it when they know that they are working together with parents to help their students succeed. What’s more, getting to know your child’s teachers will show them how important their education is.

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