Ecco Women’s Offroad Yucatan Sandals Review

Ecco Women's Offroad Yucatan Sandals Review

I was gifted these Ecco Women’s Offroad Yucatan Sandals to review but the words and photos are my own.

We’ve been doing a LOT of walking lately, having recently been on a trip to Brussels and Amsterdam.  As you can imagine, that’s a lot of time spent on our feet so I thought it was a great time to get some serious walking sandals and I chose the Ecco Women’s Offroad Yucatan Sandals from Love The Sales.


Ecco Women’s Offroad Yucatan Sandals

Ecco Women's Offroad Yucatan Sandals

The sandals arrived really quickly and safely packaged inside their box, wrapped in tissue paper, as you can see in the photo.  Upon putting them on, it instantly felt like walking on a beautifully supportive sponge.  They have some great features.

  • RECEPTOR® Outsole Technology For Increased Stability
  • Microfibre Lined Dual Density EVA Cushioned Footbed
  • Flexible & Durable PU Injected Midsole
  • Breathable Nubuck Leather Upper
  • 3 x Touch Fasten Adjustable Closure

I love that you can adjust every part of them, front, back and middle so you get a really close and comfortable fit according to the size and width of your feet.  They feel like they really support my feet when I’m walking.

They come in a variety of colours, which is great, but I chose black because they go with everything.  I also especially love the red pair and suspect I should have been more adventurous with my colour choice.

Ecco Yucaton Sandals review



I selected sandals from the Ecco brand because their reputation proceeds them in quality.

Renowned for its innovation and original Scandi designs, Ecco puts the fit and function of a shoe first.

Ecco offers lightweight flexible shoes that both enhance and follow the natural movement of the foot. The contemporary shoe manufacture also ensures comfort and durability are right at the top of the brand’s agenda.

Rooted in traditional techniques, Ecco takes control of the entire manufacturing process. The brand controls everything from initial sketches, to materials and construction. Ecco can frequently pioneer new construction methods due to owning its tanneries and factories around the world. Ecco also remains conscious of all environmental issues during production.



Fitflop also has a great selection of footwear.  Founded in 2007, their footwear looks great and is of great quality.

FitFlop’s range of ergonomic sandals, slippers, boots, trainers and more will convert you to comfortable footwear that doesn’t compromise style. The brand works with leading biomechanic technicians to engineer the comfiest shoes on the market.

Defined by its microwobbleboard midsoles, the shoes absorb shock and diffuse pressure, providing undeniable comfort. Designed with an innovative mix of beauty, brains and biomechanics – FitFlop is a leader in the future of footwear.

I love the microwobbleboard midsoles, it’s really clever.

Love The Sales

Love the Sales is an online discount marketplace that works with various premium brands and retailers.  They were originally founded to reduce the amount of excess stock that goes into landfills.  It helps you get more for less.  Partnered with over 850 of the biggest retailers worldwide, you have a huge selection of items.

They’re a group of people that are passionate about using the budget we have to achieve the best lifestyle we can, and smart shopping in the sales offers us a way to do that.  They want to share that with the world.


I hope you enjoyed my review and, I think you can tell, I’m delighted with my new Ecco sandals.  Please do check out my other lifestyle-related posts.

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