February Favourites

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I love keeping up with current trends and trying out new products.  During February I tried some new products which have quickly worked their way onto my February favourites list.

  • Instawow Sparkling Facial Mask by Timebomb – “Takes your complexion from drab to fab, in five minutes or less”.  Wow!!  I’ve never experienced a facial product anything like this before.  It actually fizzes on your skin, feeling like a hundred butterflies partying on your face!  The product feels like lovely, it glides on and feels like a gel and within a minute or so it starts to foam and start fizzing.  I left it on for around four minutes before removing it, leaving my skin feeling soft, cleansed and bright.  This has become a bi-weekly routine for me now.

  • Honey Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees – I can’t sleep at night without applying a coat of good quality lip balm to my lips and I love this nourishing lip balm, it feels like the perfect consistency on my lips and does a great job of keeping them moisturised all night.  Packed with natural ingredients, the honey flavour tastes and smells wonderful (I know you’re not supposed to eat it, but it’s on my lips, for goodness sake!).  I can imagine this staying as a firm favourite throughout 2017.

  • WUNDERBLEND by WUNDER2 – This is so much more than just your bog standard beauty blender.  This clever little teardrop-shaped sponge is my idea of perfect when it comes to applying makeup.  It can be used for applying various different types of makeup but as it has a pointed end.  I’ve found invaluable for applying liquid eye shadows and blending them in with precision.  Using it wet means that it doesn’t absorb and waste any of the products you’re using.

  • Hydrating Mist Toner by Sukin – I was really excited to try this product.  I love Sukin.  A Very worthy February Favourite.  Their products are 100% vegan, they don’t test on animals, nor do they use any harsh, toxic ingredients in their products.  I tend to use it after I’ve cleansed my face or whenever I’m feeling tired or stressed.  It’s soothing and refreshing my skin leaving it feeling hydrated and smelling lovely.

  • Divine Hydra Gel Lip Mask by Beauty Blvd – “A super hydrating mask, designed to plump and smooth dry and damaged lips”.  These were a little bit tricky to get into position on your lips because of them being so slippery and flimsy.  Once in position, they felt really cooling and both myself and my teenage daughter (who’s been suffering terribly with dried lips lately) very much enjoyed using these lip masks.  We left them on for a good ten minutes.  After taking them off, our lips did feel deeply hydrated and I did notice and improvement in the tension of the lines around my lips.

  • Tropical Cuticle Oil by iz – I enjoy having well-manicured nails and painting my nails and polishing my nails and filing my nails and looking at my nails and having healthy looking nails.  Lovely nails.  Having well cared for cuticles is important in order for your nails to grow.  This cuticle oil contains a blend of natural oils that help strengthen and smooth the nail plate.  I regularly use cuticle oil before pushing back my cuticles.  It’s an essential part of my nail maintenance.  Tropical cuticle oil is easy to apply, I love the smell of it and it works really well.  This also contains no parabens, which pleases me.

  • Marvel Blender by Nanshy – Vegan and cruelty-free.  This is the 4 in 1 blender that I’ve been using to apply my foundation with.  I’ve found that it creates  an airbrushed, smooth finish that leaves my skin looking bright and flawless.  I love the bulbous bottom on the sponge for bouncing my foundation around my face.  I know I sound like a complete amateur here, but I do know what I’m doing, honestly.


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