March Will Not Be Like A Box Of Chocolates

I’ve never really considered myself a chocoholic but I have noticed a significant increase in the amount chocolate and sweet things I consume since quitting smoking in October 2015.  Whilst scanning through Facebook last weekend, I noticed a friend of mine had posted about the possibility of taking part in something called Dechox.  I’d never heard of Dechox before but I do love a good self-righteous mission so on impulse so I signed up.  What’s more, within minutes I had my first sponsor.  So that’s it, it’s official now.  Tomorrow night, I kiss goodbye to chocolate for a month and embark on my endeavour to eliminate anything containing cocoa; From chocolate bars to chocolate ice cream, even the sprinkles on a cappuccino are off limits

Dechox is a nationwide sponsored challenge to abstain from consuming chocolate for the entirety of March.  A whole month.  31 days. 744 hours. 44.640 minutes.  The sponsorship money raised goes to The British Heart Foundation and is used to fund lifesaving research for fighting heart disease.

For me, this is perfect timing.  I’m currently larger than I have ever been before and, not wanting to be melodramatic, it feels like my fat is suffocating me.  My tummy gets in the way of leaning forward!  Who knew that was even a thing?  Fat isn’t comfortable.  I need to get my healthy on!  (I’ve just realised this coincides perfectly with lent!!).

My best friend is a Weight Watcher’s coach and I love the Weight Watchers ethos of Eat, Smile and Move.  It’s about developing a healthy attitude in more than just what you put on your plate.  You can easily focus on clean, healthy eating whilst following their plan.  I can do it alone, I just think why would I when I can be a part of a healthy group of people that all have the same aim?  For me, it’s a no brainer.

I currently still only have my one (wonderful) sponsor.  I’d be super grateful if you’d support me in trying to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

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